Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More of the Same

The rest of yesterday, was just like the beginning.

Sawyer spent time in his carseat to help with his reflux and it seemed to help. While fixing dinner, I went to check on him (in the next room). Spenser was sitting on his "lap" in the carseat. Then during dinner I picked him up (to nurse him) and discovered he had a diaper explosion. It was all over the carseat cover, too. (And, of course, it was right before I had to take Taylor to soccer practice.)

When we returned from dropping Taylor off at soccer practice, I decided to finally eat some dinner. I walked into the family room to notice Jack wildly rocking the carseat (with baby inside). I freaked out! All I could think about was "shaken baby syndrome." Jack had to leave the room until I could nicely explain to him to never do it again!!!!!

Then, before bed, I went up into my room (to gather more dirty baby clothes to wash) and noticed that Spenser had gotten into a new container of baby wipes and had left a now-dried wad on my bed. The wipes had dried out, but my bed was wet!

And, please, don't think for one minute that I have remained calm in all of these situations. I tried, but I wasn't always very patient or kind. (I think I laughed hysterically at the already-chewed gum incident because I needed to release my frustrations!)

Thankfully it's a new day. Update added: Maybe today will be better. The school bus arrived earlier than normal and the boys weren't at the bus stop. The bus waited for them (and they are the only ones at that bus stop, too). The bus was stopped and waiting before we even opened our front door!

On a good note: Sawyer is one month old today! Can you believe it's been a month? It seems like yesterday I was posting that I was still pregnant!!! Time's a-flying over here! (And do you see his bitty booties??)

Hopefully, we will get some rest soon ...


Emily said...

I swear I could just eat him up... with the yawn.... I think my heart is a flutter!!!!
I can't help but laugh at your day... I remember several like that!!!! I am so glad your bus waited for your boys!!!

beki said...

His bitty booties were one of the first things I noticed. He's so precious!
Ah, the glamouous life of a mom.

laeroport said...

I remember the blow-outs in the car seat. Ah, well, at least they are washable. And a month old! How did that happen so fast? He is so adrable, Lera!

shirley said...

Wow, it's been a month already? Ah, how time flies. Whew, what a day! Oh, the joys of motherhood.

angela said...

OH dear! Well....I guess that's just how it goes sometimes huh? I hope this calm down a bit.
That baby is sooo yummy...the yawn...mmmmm... and ONE MoNTH! already? wow.
*and bless that busdriver!

capello said...

there's a reason why the more kids you have, the tougher they are (evolution at its finest)

and i just want to eat those chubber cheeks. STOP SPREADING THE BABY FEVER.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. A month already - is he driving yet? Sheesh, that went by fast. Oh, and his booties are way cute. I'm making those for my god daughter.

jen b said...

Hang in there little mama! I'm glad you caught Sawyer's reflux early. My son had it and my doctor wouldn't listen to me that something was wrong. She was a doctor so I believed her even though my heart told me otherwise. 7 months later he was diagnosed with reflux. LOTS of lost calories and he is still having problems at three years old.

jojo* said...

So glad to have discovered you. You are seriously living my life over there. It was one thing after another over here today...thought I was going to lose my mind. Your little guy is a doll.