Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dressing Up

My boys love to wear capes, so when thrifting last week Mason was so happy when we found a Batman cape ...

that was a reversible Superman cape!

It's a very simple construction. I'm just sorry that I didn't think of it first! Two for the price of one!

And Spenser is always trying on the boys' underwear! Hopefully this will only be a love for girl's boycut panties! (She's sporting two pairs in the above photo.)


beki said...

Hey, at least she wants to wear underware.
Capes are great gifts to make for little boys. How wonderful that you found one thrifting!

laeroport said...

Two for one is fantastic, but whenever I see a cape I think of The Incredibles. "NO CAPES!"

And that little girl of yours. What a stinker.

capello said...

griffin has decided that it is Very Important to show me, whenever possible, what is under his underwear.

i just hope that he uses his flashing for good instead of evil when he's older.

autum said...

What a great idea! My son would have loved this and worn it 24/7.