Wednesday, November 29, 2006

They Won't Eat Potatoes

All of my children refuse to eat potatoes. All kinds of potatoes. Mashed. Baked. Scalloped. The only kind they will eat are french fries. (Not even tater tots.) I don't get it.

However, my children have no problem chewing gum that has previously been chewed by someone else (Spenser's first and second time). Nor do they have problems eating the colored macaroni necklaces that they make for Thanksgiving. Nor do they (Spenser) have problems eating glued popcorn off Jack's school work. And I think she was taste-testing the pink Play-Doh yesterday, too. Sigh.

I feed my children ... honestly!

* * *
I took Sawyer to the doctor's for his 2-month checkup yesterday. He weiged 13.4 lbs., and was 23 1/3" long. He is in the 75-90th percentile for weight and the 75th for his height (I think). He had to get several shots and was not a happy little man last night. He had been sleeping really well the past 4-5 nights (sleeping until 3 a.m., then 4 a.m., and even 5:30 a.m. Sunday through Monday). Last night he was awake a few times. I'm hoping that it's just because of the shots. Poor little guy. And to make matters worse, I had to remove the bandages from the shots in his morning bath and it made him cry. And I think I may have pinched his finger or something when I put him in his swing a few minutes ago and made him cry. I'm such a bad mom!


Nikki said...

oh, you're so not a bad mom!
LOL at the popcorn! That girl!

beki said...

You're not a bad mom, as if! Has it been 2 months already? Where does the time go?
Alex doesn't eat potatoes either, except for regular shaped french fries. We tried to give him waffle fries the other days and he wouldn't touch them. Weird.

RANDI said...

I think my kids would die if I eliminated potatoes--they love them! This works great for me since they are so inexpensive.

All kids survive the same diet as your kids--some eat worse things! ;)

laeroport said...

Rubbish! You're anything BUT a bad mom! And what is it with kids taste testing everything but what they should. We've got that over here too.

Me, Myself and Sewing said...

That is too funny about your kids and eating everything but potatoes....that's kids for ya!

capello said...

you can ship that preshous widdle baby right over to me.

and you're not a bad mom. in fact, i'm sure they need a few more bumps on their heads.

(oh crap. does that mean you're not shipping that preshous widdle baby over to me?)

Emily said...

I am pretty sure your are NOT a bad mom!!! although, I might have some concerns about Spenser's eating habits :) I do have my bottom lip poked out for sweet Sawyer!! Poor thing. I didn't do shots. I swear, only one time, that was it. I always wanted to be the "good guy" when it was over...... that was the only chance I got!
Give him a kiss from me, and give sweet Spenser a cookie woman!!! :)

African Kelli said...

No, you are not a bad mom. My goodness Lera! You are the best mom! And your kids don't eat potatoes? That baffles me! Not mashed with lots of butter?