Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I *Heart* Shoes

I love shoes. I think every woman does. I love shoes more when I get a good deal. The above shoes were my best deal ever! Ever! I went to Kohl's in search of a pair of casual shoes. My mother-in-law had given me two $10 coupons that she received in the mail and I was prepared to use them.

I found these Mudd shoes originally priced at $44.99. They were on sale for $26.99. At the register they rang up for $17.93. I used my $10 coupon (they only allowed one coupon per transaction) and my 15%-off discount for having a Kohl's charge. My total bill, including tax, was $7.08 !

Usually when I find a good deal on a pair of shoes, the shoes are size 6, 7, or something else too small for my feet. Rarely are there any size 9 shoes for a bargain. Score for me!

Next up. My Candies heels. (Joe liked the shoes and offered to buy them for me. Who was I to refuse?) They were originally $49.99 and on sale for $34.99. With my $10 coupon and 15% discount (and I bought a Christmas present for one of my children) the total bill was $31. So two pairs of shoes and a Christmas present for less than $40! I love a bargain.

P.S. I was wearing these heels on Sunday when I was towering over my husband. He is normally about 2 inches taller than I am, but when I wear heels, I am Amazon-ish.

And here is one of the thrifted items I picked up last week. It is a vintage baby bassinet. (I do not intend to put Sawyer in it.) I think it will become destined for fabric storage.


angela said...

Awesome shoes you! Looking good. That basket will be great for storage.

beki said...

You already know that I like your shoes. A shoe passion is somehthing tha I've recently developped. I never really got it until now.

RANDI said...

Great shoes!

laeroport said...

Score! x3! And that bassinet is so similar to ours. My mom and her cousins all slept in it - me and my cousins all slept in it - and my children and their cousins all have slept in it. Ours is painted white and when Aidin was born I had my dad reinforce the bottom with some plywood. What a treasure!

capello said...

dear lera,

i love you.

we were the same size.

send me those shoes.



elizabeth said...

those shoes are super ka-yute!!!

love the basket too :)

Karyn said...

Oh, I love those shoes! I live in Canada, and we are not fortunate enought to have Kohl's here...but that's the second place I stop when I go cross-border shopping (Joann's is the first :) )

shirley said...

Incredibly cute shoes, and at a bargain, too. Pass some of that shopping know-how onto me, please! hehe

autum said...

I bought those same Mudd shoes last weekend. Mine were on sale too, but I can't touch the deal you got :(
They're really cute shoes huh?