Monday, November 13, 2006

7 Weeks

It's hard to believe that my little man is 7 weeks old today. Yesterday in church he was blessed. It was his big day. He wore the same blessing outfit that each of his four older brothers wore. And atop his wee head was his hankie bonnet.

Sometimes I look at him and think he is so tiny, yet growing so big! (The above picture is here because I'm finally wearing my pillowcase skirt!)

And this is my finished WIP from Friday -- homemade, chocolate mint soap (via hot process method). It needs to harden a bit before I cut it into bars.

And for the 2 commenters that guessed correctly (Karyn and JoJo) I will send you a bar of soap! Sometimes it pays to comment! :-) [Please email me with your mailing address at carlorway(at)yahoo(dot)com. I will send it out later this week when it hardens a bit more.]


beki said...

Congratulations to you and baby Sawyer! What a special day!!

And I must say, you're looking fabulous!!! I'm so jealous.

capello said...

you have six kids AND you make soap?

(please not that everything will now begin with "you have six kids AND..." just so ya know).

and pretty lay-dee! pretty lay-dee!

angela said...

He is so cute! And you look really great.
The soap is awesome...would it be wrong to want to eat it?

shirley said...

You and Sawyer both look fabulous! And so does that soap. You just have it all, don't you? =p

Karyn said...

You have six kids!!! I've never looked as great as you do!!! Your soap looks like it turned out great and thank you so much for offering to send me a bar! That is so generous of you!

jojo* said...

Wooo hooo! Handmade soap for MEEEE! I'm so excited. Thanks!

Congrats to baby Sawyer. He looks so adorable in his get up. I'm going to join the choir and say that you look fab too!

linda said...

Hmmm...chocolate AND mint? Why can't you eat it? :o)

You're looking great and so is Sawyer.

jojo* said...

Lera--thanks so much for the soap! It smells heavenly and looks so cute in your packaging. That was so sweet of you and it's in my bathroom for guests to look at and smell. But I'll be mad if anyone actually tries to use it! Ha! And that snowman ornament is adorable too. Thanks again Lera. You rock!