Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun and Work

Saturday morning we took Carter into Lowes for a cub scout activity. Twice a month they have a free children's workshop, where children can make something out of wood. Saturday was a squirrel/bird feeder.

Mason made one, too.
And Jack.
It was a good time. I stayed and helped the boys while Joe shopped with Taylor (who didn't want to stay), Spenser and Sawyer.

On our way home, we stopped at two yard sales. I only bought a box of vintage glasses. The entire box was cheaper than buying a set of four at a thrift store. The lady selling them said they came from a church down the street who was remodeling their kitchen. I'm guessing there are 20-25.

And for Kirsten, a picture of Sawyer in his orange, goldfish outfit and "vintage" jacket.

Other blog-worthy, but not photo-worthy moments of our weekend: Sick baby. Leaking shower needing caulk. Basement flooding. New hot water heater. Replacing valve on the other leaking hot water heater. No hot water on first floor (including dishwasher and bath/shower). Replacing sump pump motor. (Thank you, Kyle, for all of your help!) Which means today I have to catch up on laundry and dishes, in addition to my normal Monday morning routine of vacuuming and mopping.


Karyn said...

It looks like the boys had fun!
Nice glasses too! I can't wait for yard sale season to start around here!!!!

Katie Jean said...

Geez you had some weekend! That's really cool they have those free workshops. I know I would've loved that when I was little.

kirsten said...

i can't wait to hit some decent yard sales! those glasses are great - and what a big set!

(and what an amazingly cute 'vintage' baby! :)

Cici said...

Fun weekend! Cute baby in some awfully cute clothes!

Sonja said...

No hot water is never fun (and I know this because we FORGOT to call the gas company when we moved into our new house and had no hot water for 6 days).
The birdhouses are wonderful! Think I could pass for a kid at LOWE'S and make one? :)

capello said...

LOVE those glasses.

but the hot water heater, whoa. totally wasn't expecting that one.

Sarah and Jack said...

25 of them????? They are awesome. No hot water sucks. I would be ok if we never revisited that problem ourselves.

Felicia said...

Those glasses are beyond smashing!