Friday, April 06, 2007

Why I Hate to Use the Good Stuff and a WIP

While I'm getting better at using my "good" fabrics, I'm now more aware of why I hate using them. It's not because I'm afraid I'll screw it up or that I won't ever be able to find it anymore or that I'm not worthy to use my good fabrics on myself (although they are all valid points and I used to think those were the reasons). It's because I use them to make totes:

and then a "better" idea comes along and I don't have enough of it left (which results in "oh, no! what if I can't find any more?!?")

Case in point. I've been using this tote since Thanksgiving. It's a little Christmasy and wintry, so I decided, on a nice warm spring day this week, that I needed a new springy one. I searched through my fabric stash with "no, too summery," and "no, too autumny," before finding the perfect* one. I quickly sewed up my tote and decided that the fabric would make a perfect outfit for Sawyer, too. Okay, I have enough fabric for that. Cool.

Then I started thinking about an email from Kirsten where she asks if I have any Easter clothing plans for my children. Then she suggests pants for Sawyer and matching ties for the boys. I loved that idea, but wasn't sure if time would allow it. When I realized I might have time, I went to the fabric store looking for some springy fabric. I could not find anything that was Eastery, yet boyish enough. As I was sewing the tote, for myself using the "good stuff," I realized that the dotted fabric would be perfect for my boys' ties. Now, I'm not sure if I'll have enough. I think I can make a few bow ties, but Taylor flat-out refused my bow tie offer yesterday (and I really don't blame him).

So, this leads me to my WIP for today and tomorrow:

1 - Figure out how to make ties using Taylor's tie as a template. I think the younger boys might go for bow ties.

2 - Make a pair of pants with appliqued onesie for Sawyer (hopefully pants and not shorts -- please let there be enough fabric, it's cold outside).

3 - Consider a new dress for Spenser using the white and pink chenille (from a swap with Sarah).

And Mason is already asking about Shrinky Dinks.

*The fabric is Michael Miller "Dotty Dots" courtesy of Karyn.


Karyn said...

Love the tote!! I'm glad you like the fabric, and remember my offer!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE make more Shrinky Dinks!!! ;)

Katie Jean said...

I hate running out of fabric! Here's hoping to making it last! I think all us mothers of boys should get together and design some nice boy fabric.

more shrinky dinks?? Lucky you!

capello said...

not the shrinky dinks! noooooooo!

hey, did you see what michelle did? (oil cloth junkie). she applicated ties onto t-shirts.

laeroport said...

Aw, crap. At least I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one.

And, mom, can we do the shrinky dinks NOW????

And ditto capello. Check out Michelle's appliqued tie

Cheers! And Happy Easter!

kirsten said...

see, i'm just trouble. i should keep my big mouth shut!

Sarah and Jack said...

Jack does the same thing as Mason with the shrinky dinks, except that right now he is doing it with EVERYTHING. Everything. You name it. I am about to lose my mind!