Monday, April 02, 2007

And the Winner is ...

This morning before school, I asked Jack to write down the names and then pick one (with his eyes closed, of course). Isn't it cute how he wrote "Karyn?" He made a "w" instead of the "y," so he wrote right over it. It's all crazy looking.
Joe came home Friday, so Saturday I spent a little time at my sewing machine. I finished my skirts for Sewing Seeds. Two opposite, coordinating skirts. When I was picking out the fabric, I kept thinking how cute it would be for two little sisters or friends to almost match, so I had to make two.

While making these skirts, there was some evil force working against me. Seriously. The first skirt I attempted, I accidentally sewed the bottom tier onto the top, so when I tried to pin the bottom tier onto the middle tier (which was actually tier #3 in tier #2's position) it wouldn't fit. Well, it fit, it just wasn't gathering and didn't look right. When I finally realized my mistake, I decided it would be easier to cut out additional top and bottom pieces instead of risking any damage by ripping it apart (Spenser will now have a 2-tiered skirt of her own).

Tossing the "bad" skirt aside, I started to pin together the other skirts. I had to take a few kid breaks and when I came back, I couldn't get tier #3 to fit on tier #2 again! After many attempts, I realized I had picked up skirt #1 (the bad skirt) again. Once I realized that mistake, I was able to successfully pin the skirts together properly.

Then the sewing began. Or shall I say the attempt at sewing. I sewed together the tiers and after I finished the elastic's casing, I noticed the tension was wrong on my machine and it had to be ripped out. I had to clean out the shuttle of my machine, but I had problems getting my machine back together again without very loud noises (from the machine and me) and my machine quitting. I could only find my Spanish owner's manual, and, as you guessed it, I don't speak Spanish. I studied the diagrams and finally (after a day and a half) figured it out. It was smooth sailing from there.

So that was the story of the skirts that almost weren't.

And just because: Here is a picture of Sawyer trying to sit up. Trying. To. Sit. Up. All on his own. He's so determined. He has been "army crawling" all over the place, too. And he grew a new tooth (#5) sometime last week. Baby, can't you stay a baby a little longer, please? You're only 6 months!


SilverLining Designs said...

Those evil forces are evil aren't they?! I think those evils are now at my place because a dress I am suppose to be making was suppose to be easy - no problem....aaaahhh i can't even begin to describe what I am going thru.

kirsten said...

i hate those evil sewing forces!

cute skirts! my mom just made my daughter a tiered one - so twirly - i'm sure the recipients of yours will love them.

Emily said...

Sawyer is learning from the best. he will be the most advanced of them all, so many examples to learn from! He is the lucky one, and just so cute!!! Thanks for sending pics along!!!

Karyn said...


Thank you so much!!!!

Cute cute skirts! I would have loved to have a skirt like that when I was little.

Katie Jean said...

Those skirts are so cute! I'm impressed with your perseverance with the sewing. I have lots of WIP because of my mistakes! haha

And #5 teeth. Geez. Isaiah is over a year and is just getting his 6th!

And Karyn must be one lucky girl. She's always winning!

shirley said...

Those skirts are adorable! Love the pinks and how the skirts nearly match. Don't you hate it when the "force" isn't with you, but against you? Glad you were able to go right on and finish your lovely skirts, despite the setbacks.

capello said...


and i love the skirts. i don't care if you jacked them all up, they are ubber cute.

jojo* said...

Lera--you sound just like me when I'm sewing. Oh my. Tell me, was it late at night? Regardless, they are adorable skirts! And your little guy is growing up way too fast. (so is mine, sniff sniff)