Friday, March 30, 2007

Thrifting and a Giveaway

I went back. I couldn't help myself. I was worried what might become of some unknown treasures if no one gave them another chance. After all, it is their "last chance."

To my delight, there were new linens. New since Saturday, that is (and they told me they add more daily).

I found some pillowcases and sheets (95 cents for sheets, pillowcases 2 for $1.25 or 75 cents each). I've already cut a new pair of pants for Sawyer from the green striped sheet.

An apron for 95 cents -- look at that detail at the top, it's kind of smocked in a way. A pint-size granny-square blanket just perfect for our kiddie rocking chair for 95 cents.
And a crocheted throw, which the boys are fighting over because it's so soft (95 cents).
This sheet has alternating rectangles of flowers and lattice. I was cutting it up last night and decided to offer part of it as a giveaway. Each rectangle is approximately 15 1/2" x 16 1/2." The piece I am offering has 2 flower and 2 lattice rectangles in one long strip. It could be used to make a tote or some throw pillows or ? ? ? (I'd love to hear your ideas as well.)

If you are interested, please leave a comment on this post between now and Monday morning, when I (or a little helper of mine) will draw a name. Good luck.

Update: Geesh. Did my sheet scare everyone away? I haven't had many commenters today. I won't force my sheet on you, if you don't want it. I promise. ;-)


Karyn said...

OH my are the thrifting QUEEN!!!!!!!! I'm so impressed. A crocheted afghan for 95 cents????

beki said...

You have the best luck!

Katie Jean said...

you are a thrifting queen! Do you have any Value villages by you? I have 2 within 10 minutes of me, and they are the best thrift stores ever! Anyway, I think that you could make a doll quilt with that sheet. That seems the popular thing to do now!

shirley said...

Wow, I can't believe what *great* stuff you got from thrifting. I'm speechless. I agree with everyone else, you're a thrifting queen!