Thursday, March 01, 2007

Goodies and WIPs

I'm back from the dead. I think I'm feeling better. Well, I'm definitely feeling better, just not perfect yet. The best part about having a stomach virus? I lost 2 pounds! (I gained one back, though...)

Yesterday we had to venture out to preschool, the doctors and the store. Remember when Linda once said that everyone she saw one day was ugly? Yesterday, it was the day of garlicky-smelling everything and everyone. First was when the children came to kiss me goodnight on Wednesday. Joe brought home fast food for dinner and they all smelled like garlic. I made them kiss my hand. My bedroom smelled like it, too. Then Thursday morning the air outside our house smelled like it. And the doctor even had the garlic aroma. It's a very powerful smell when recovering from a stomach bug, let me tell you.

Spenser went back to the ENT for her eardrum. I don't think I ever updated you, but it had ruptured and she has been on strong antibiotics (Omnicef) and ear drops. I think the combination of the virus and the antibiotics have given this poor girl the worst diarrhea possible. It's been continual since Monday. And she's so sweet, because she reminds me at nap time for her "earwy-gwops" (ear drops).

Despite all the germs and yuckiness in our house, some goodness has come our way.

Our neighbor, Bud, brought us a warm pumpkin pie on Wednesday. I think it was because Joe shoveled his sidewalk on Sunday after our big snow. It was yummy, although my first and only sliver was last night.

A friend stopped by to cheer me up with daffodils, lip gloss for me and a Hello Kitty lip gloss for Spenser (oh, and gummy bears for the children). She stayed on the front porch, as to not come in contact with our germs. I can't blamer her.

Jack lost his first tooth on Wednesday night. We're still waiting for the one top tooth to fall out. It's been loose for a few months, due to "horsing" around ... literally. Carter and Jack were playing, Carter was a horse and threw his head back to whinny. When he did, Jack's face was right behind him and knocked his tooth loose.

And my WIP's. I decided to try amigurumi. This is my first attempt. I started Sunday night when the children were in bed. I didn't get far and I haven't had a chance to work with it again. It may look the same next Friday...

And the cosmetic bags-turned zippered pouches-turned zippered wristlets for the nursing home. I want to turn them in on Sunday at church.


laeroport said...

I'm glad things are better. Have a good weekend!

TinkerBlue said...

I hope you are back to perfect soon. Have a good weekend.

lera said...

This is a test.

I'm getting emails that blogger is not posting comments today.

Are you having problems posting or commenting?

Karyn said...

I want a piece of that pie! It looks super-yummy! Your pouches look great, I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated.
Have a great weekend!!

lindiepindie said...

Miss Lera, how do you find the time? Especially when kids are sick? I took an unanticipated blogging break last week and still didn't get much sewing done. So you had a Garlic day, huh? I've had a urine day where every bathroom I walk into smells like urine. I think it's a hormonal thing where your smell sense is heightened. So yes, that means that my bathrooms need cleaning. :o)