Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have been so blessed. Good friends in real life and good friends in blogland. The world of blogging has opened the door to many friendships with people around the globe. Friends whom I would not have met otherwise.

Yesterday, I received more evidence of this when I went to the post office. Linda so graciously sent me one of her adorable pin cushions and a leather strap (so I can make her Lotus bag -- once I find the perfect fabric). The pin cushion is so very cute. It is small enough to fit right in my hand.

I've been thinking about putting it with my on-the-go embroidery supplies so I can show it off everywhere I go. But my problem is that, even though I take my supplies with me, I rarely get a chance to take them out of my tote.

This morning, I had to quickly vacuum the house, after a certain 6-year-old boy ran through the house (before school) with muddy shoes. Shortly after I finished vacuuming, I heard the door bell ring. I'm always so hesitant to answer the door so early in the morning. (Who is visiting at this hour?) To my great surprise, it was my friend, Kim and her daughter, Kallie. She came with donuts. We sat and talked and had a great time. It was so much fun. I wonder, why don't I do that?!? Why don't I just show up at a friend's house in the morning with donuts for a chat? I guess it may be because I have so many others to drag along with me. But I need to do that!

Friends. Whether in real life or in blogland. I can't live without you. Thank you, Linda. Thank you, Kim. Thank you, friends.


laeroport said...

Aw, that's awesome! We're meeting my oldest friend and her daughter today for a trip to the zoo. So looking forward to it.

Have a great day, my friend. :)

capello said...

ooooo... i love those pincushions! so jealous!

and sometimes it's the surprise visits that are the best. you didn't know you needed them, but man did you ever!

Karyn said...

Blogging friends ARE wonderful :)
I'm constantly astonished at the generosity of fellow bloggers.

kirsten said...

mmmmmm...... donuts.....

what a fun thing for your friend to do!
yeah, i ask myself questions like that, too - why don't i ask more people over for dinner? and the usual answer is my kiddos. esp. thomas.

oh well, some day!

Alicia A. said...

You know, I still owe you a pincushion, but you've gotten a couple of nice ones since. I'm still planning on sending it anyway... someday. :) You could always give it as a gift.

sean carter said...

Cool gift. Awesome friends you got there. Its fun when friends pay a surprise visit.
But since i am not much of a morning person, I like to party with my friends till late into the night.
Hop into my friendship blog for some amazing and really cool stuffs.

FinnyKnits said...

First, love the pincushion. I mean, the red tomato is a classic, but this is just plain cute.

And I've been surprised at how the blogosphere has widened my circle of friends. Checking in regularly with fab people like yourself from around the country/globe is such a great thing.