Thursday, March 22, 2007

Weekend Sewing

I was able to squeeze in a little sewing time over the weekend. First, another springy outfit for Sawyer.

I'm not really sure what that little guy is on the front of the shirt. An inchworm? A caterpillar? An alien? I really don't know. But I drew him freehand. And he makes me smile because I don't know what it is or what it was supposed to be.

I made the outfit late Saturday night. In fact, I was doing the eyes and antennae when SNL came on. I didn't want to stay up any later and stitch around it. I was too tired. Let that serve as a warning to you. Do not try this at home. By Sunday afternoon, Sawyer had drooled so much that the little inchworm/caterpillar/alien was coming loose from the shirt. On Monday I stuck a little stitch witchery behind one edge to adhere it again and sewed around it. It worked.
I had tried to take a picture of the baby in the outfit, but that's nearly impossible these days. He's so mobile. And obviously flexible, too.
And speaking of friends, I made this tote and tissue pouch for my dear friend, Jenneen, in Ohio. Her birthday was yesterday and it arrived just in time. (Happy birthday, again, my dear friend.) I used the highly-coveted Apples + Pears fabric by Alexander Henry. Autum tipped me off that she found it right at Jo-Ann of all places. Score!


Katie Jean said...

I love the little outfit for Sawyer. I'll have to make Isaiah one someday!

Now I'm really drooling over that apples & pears fabric. Now 2 of you found it at Joann's I have to run to mine to see if it's there! The bag turned out really well.

kirsten said...

yeah, i don't care if i can't see the inchworm - how cute is that picture of sawyer?!

have a great day - wishing you more friends bringing donuts! :)

capello said...

"why hello! what's your name? my name is sawyer. you name is toes? well! you look absolutely delectable! you wouldn't mind visiting my mouth would you? you wouldn't? fabulous!"

beki said...

Oh Lera, it's all so cute! I have some of that same stripe fabric. I really love the tote and tissue pouch.

Karyn said...

Everything is wonderful!!! I LOVE that little inchworm thingy. I also love the Alexander Henry fabric!

SilverLining Designs said...

Great Sewing! Love that little.... rrrr animal, insect thingy... he's great!

lindiepindie said...

You're welcome for the pincushion! I didn't realize that I hadn't left a comment on that post! Sorry!

I found some Alexander Henry at JoAnn's too. It's much cheaper than at the quilt store - it makes me wonder if it's somehow substandard? If it is, I can't tell and I feel like I've saved a bundle. What a nice gift you've given!

Josie said...

that little outfit is so cute and I love the bag.

shirley said...

Great outfit! Love the inchworm.

That apples and pears fabric is really something. The tote and tissue pouch look lovely.