Friday, March 16, 2007

Field Trips and Sewing

Yesterday Mason's preschool had a field trip to the bowling alley. He had a lot of fun playing with his friends. He even rolled a spare.

Spenser was a teensy bit pouty. Cute, but very sassy.

I did a bit of sewing this week. First, a zebra wristlet for a youth auction at church. I found this fabric in my basement a few weeks ago. I had thought about making one for the nursing home's bingo prizes, but ran out of time. After seeing Kelli's wristlet, I decided to make one for the auction. The lining is hot pink, just like my zebra coat. I also donated some Easter candy and a few other things, including a big chocolate bunny.
Then, I made a little, white eyelet drawstring bag for a friend who requested one to carry her asthma inhalers. I spaced out and missed her birthday by 2 weeks, so I whipped this up and gave her some chocolate.
And Carter was invited to a birthday party this weekend. Joe is out of town, so Carter will not be attending (too far away to drag all 6 with me for 2 hours). I made her a birthday crown and he took it to school with him this morning.

And WIPs for me: another outfit for Sawyer and a crown for Mason, who has been pestering me for a long time. And, look, I'm using my fat quarter for the crown!


Karyn said...

Very cute wristlet, I LOVE the pink lining. And that crown!!! Absolutely adorable!!! Have you ever thought about selling them??

kirsten said...

i like the idea of sending a crown for someone's birthday. i'll bet she loves it!

laeroport said...

Aren't little kids bowling so funny? Lovely sewing. Good luck with those WIPs - and yea! to using the fat quarter!

capello said...

the polka-dot is your fat quarter?

me likey.

Katie Jean said...

I loved bowling when I was a kid, so much fun! I also love Kelli's tutorial for the wristlets. Yours came out really cute!