Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Crown and Some Goodies

Good news: I think the barfy germs are out of the house. Jack did not get sick at all on Monday. I kept him home, just in case. But, by midday, I was wishing I had sent him to school. :-)

On Friday afternoon I interfaced the pieces to Mason's crown. On Saturday late afternoon I sewed it for him. He has barely taken it off since. In fact, he wore it to church on Sunday.

And, look! I used my fat quarter (the green polka dot). One project down. Several more to go!
Yesterday I received this lovely package from Kirsten. I was her 1,000th commenter. She sent a yummy, handmade, gold and gray brooch; a rocket applique; a rocket appliqued bib; and some very cool vintage buttons (swoon!). Now I have to decide who will get the rocket applique. I know the boys will be fighting over it. (They don't know about it yet.) And here is a closeup of this cute rocket. The bib is absolutely adorable. I'm almost afraid to put it on my very spit-uppy baby. (At least I can feel confident because I am the stain master.) Thank you, Kirsten. I love it all!

Blogger is acting up for me and didn't want to post this morning.


laeroport said...

Darn that blogger! I kept the rocket for myself! It looks great on a green t-shirt that I already had. I think tomorrow will be warm enough to wear it. And that bib! Too cute!

I am so laughing at the thought of Mason wearing his crown to church. Nice FQ usage, chiqua!

beki said...

So happy to hear some good news from your part of the world!!

kirsten said...

i love that you let him wear his crown to church! he should hang out with my heffalump-bringing kid! :)

glad you liked the little treat. enjoy.

TinkerBlue said...

I can see the playdate now... Mason in his crown, Kirsten's heffalump carrying kid, Lori's son with a train and Laura's with Lego.

I've been trying to make a birthday crown for my mother in laws 60th. I'm on attempt #3.

Karyn said...

Ohhh...I love that crown, how cute! And what a great package you got. I also say keep the rocket for yourself!

Katie Jean said...

that crown is so cute. I don't think that Isaiah would keep that on. I love thost rocketships! How cute!