Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Old Doll and a Thrifted Find

Last week while I was on my mission, digging around in our cedar chest for the chenille blanket, I found my old Holly Hobbie doll. I vaguely have any recollection of her existence. I used to love Holly Hobbie. I had her patchwork dress, which I loved to wear. I had some barbie-type Holly Hobbie dolls that I loved to play with. I loved Holly Hobbie.

So yesterday while I had to wait over three hours for some prescriptions (baby has an ear infection and enlarged tonsils), I ran into the thrift store. I really didn't see too much that interested me and I had promised myself that I was not going to buy anything unless I absolutely loved it.

I found only one pillowcase (which I loved) in the Last Chance section. With time to spare, I headed down the hall to the real thrifting area.

To keep Mason happy, we first checked for Halloween costumes (zilch). I looked at dishes (nada). I was just about to leave when I spied a little doll high chair. I decided to check it out, as Spenser does not have one for her dolls. It looked cute from a distance. As soon as I got close enough, I noticed:

It's a Holly Hobbie high chair! I think my heart skipped a few beats. I don't think I knew one existed.

I grabbed it so quickly. I had to carry it to the register because Spenser and Sawyer were in the cart and there was no room for it. Spenser immediately loved it and helped hold onto it. She has not let it out of her sight since. (She has even carried it upstairs to the bedrooms all by herself, with her apron around her waist, and a bag on her shoulder. What a little mom.)

Oh, and the cost? Just $2. Score!


Karyn said...

Oh! I love Holly Hobbie!!!

I still have a couple of little HH dishes, one is a little jewelery box.

kirsten said...

nice find! i had a holly hobbie, too - i may have had a HH crib, too.

i'm glad spenser likes it! fun!

(and poor sawyer!)

Alicia A. said...

Score is right! Ahhh... I had that same doll. I wonder what happened to her.

Sarah and Jack said...

I think I had that high chair for my doll when I was a kid! LOL

capello said...

someone in my house must have really liked holly hobby too, because i have that doll.

when i was four i also had sheets, a comforter, window treatments and a dress like holly hobby.

yeah, someone must have really liked holly hobby in my house.

Katie Jean said...

wow that is awesome!

I actually some some HH sheet at my thrift store a few weeks ago. Had I know HH was such a hit in your house, I would've got them for you!

laeroport said...

Big score! You are the luckiest thrifter I've ever "met"! And I totally lost out on that give away being out of town. :) Drat!

beki said...


TinkerBlue said...

I loved Holly Hobbie. I had a doll like that. I don't know where it is now. I suspect someone else owns it now. The high chair is an awesome find.

SilverLining Designs said...

Isn't that crazy how things happen like that?!

vintagechica said...

Holy moly! I had a doll like that (mental note, look for holly when i am home next month). and score on the chair too!

Oh, and I got the package I sent you back yesterday. Ugh! Apparently I transposed your address with another someone's package that was going out the same day. Many aplogies! It will get there, I promise!