Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Little Reminder

The Fat Quarter Challenge was originally supposed to end on Sunday, April 15th. A few participants have asked for an extension. Please remember to add your photos to our flickr group as soon as you can. We will be leaving it open for a bit longer.

We can't wait to see you creations. And don't forget, we will hold a random drawing for a winner.

(The above photo is a card holder. See this tutorial for an example. Hers is better.)


Karyn said...


I have been a bad bad fat quarter challenger.

Sonja said...

Oh good. I've been side-tracked by The Purple Dress Project... I'm also still tossing about ideas for the last few scraps.

jojo* said...

Bless you! Now I have one less thing to feel guilty about :)

laeroport said...

I am such a lame co-host. But there are some fantastic projects up on flickr, eh?