Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday's WIPs

I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head. Bits here and bobs there. Trying to figure out things in my head. Nothing really coming together yet. More ideas than I have time. Do you do that, too?

Anyway, my current WIPs shouldn't surprise you. I want to make Sawyer another outfit. I really think after this one, I'll be done ... for awhile. Seriously. Are you doubting me? I'm thinking that orange polka dot. It will be different from all the blue ones I've made of late.

And another bib apron for Girl. Yes, we still call her that. You didn't think we would take away that endearing nickname, did you?

And, finally, I want to make that short-sleeved jacket. I'm thinking I might make a mock-up from a thrifted sheet first. My friend, Christy (who has a degree in fashion design), looked at the pattern and has intimidated me. I'm wondering if I can do it. I think she mentioned princess seams and them being difficult to sew on a curve.

All of these projects sound well and good, but, first, I have to tidy around the house. Vacuuming never ends in this house. And laundry. And dishes. And the picking up of toys. And ...

Enjoy your weekend.


Katie Jean said...

I love that pattern. I bet you can do it but just do your prototype first. Then you can know the pattern well and it will be easy. I know I always feel like there's endless cleaning, I can't imagine what it's like with all the kids you have! That's probably why I only have one. haha

capello said...

and dusting, and moping, and wiping little booties and crap! now i'm getting overwhelmed!

have a good weekend!

Suzan said...

I love your new banner, those sure are some good looking kiddos! I, too, admire you and the great job you are doing with your SIX children. We as society need more mothers like you! There would be far less problems and violence in the world. Keep up the good work!

beki said...

On no Lera, I NEVER have more ideas than I have time. HA!!

Wouldn't it be great if our houses were self-cleaning?

SilverLining Designs said...

Definately do a mock up first of that jacket. Doing a mock-up has saved me many times. And yes, I am always saying I wish my hands moved as fast as my brain.

Have a good weekend.

Karyn said...

Cute orange fabric!!!
I hope you get your cleaning all done and have some fun (sewing).

Felicia said...

Yes I get that feeling. Like today, for example! I can't seem to figure out what I want to work on. Hope you had a great weekend.