Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Parade Down My Street

Last night was the carnival parade. It comes right down our street. We live on a dead end, so we have to walk to the corner to watch.

Let the festivities begin.

This first picture is for Kim and Nikki. They couldn't believe I was trying to take a picture of it.

A roach clip, anyone?
I did not know these things were still around.
Or legal.
We used to want them when we were younger.
Until our mother told us what they were used for.

Taylor and Carter "in position" to run after the candy being tossed to the children.

My favorite part of any parade is always the marching band(s).

Apparently Kallie and Spenser thought so, too. They were dancing to the music.

Another favorite? This band in the back of the wagon. See all the stuffed animals at the top? There is also a large animated dragon on the top of the van pulling the wagon. It is in every parade in our town. It's all fun.

Tomorrow I will post some of my sewing projects. I have been a teensy bit crafty this carnival week.


Karyn said...

What fun!! I love your pictures! They really capture the spirit.

I can't wait to see your sewing/crafty projects.

Felicia said...

Lucky you to have the parade so close :)

capello said...

whoa. your itty bitty town has more stuff than my city. hmph.

Sonja said...

How fun! I love how you captured the movement in the dancing girls' skirts.

beki said...

Well duh, you can't sell a roach clip without a confederate flag! Tee hee - I remember wanting those when I was a kid too. Now that I think about it, I had one that I clipped on a cowboy hat. Yes, I was such a classy kid.

Heidijayhawk said...

that just sounds like an awful lot of fun!

Katie Jean said...

looks like so much fun!

I'm still laughing about the roach clips!

laeroport said...

Candy catching position, dancing to the bands, all great. :) What's not to love about a parade?

amandajean said...

how cute-the girls dancing to the music.