Monday, December 01, 2008

Holiday Traditions

I love holiday traditions. I love the old ones. I love making new ones.

Some of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions are eating dinner with my mother's side of the family. All 60+ of us. Eating crackers and gravy (yes, together, I think it's a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, but I'm not sure). Drinking homemade root beer. And lots of it. Ooh, and Christmas shopping. (Although I bailed on the early-morning Black Friday rush and ordered online this year.)

And a new tradition that I've started is the Thanksgiving skirt. I made one for last Thanksgiving and decided I wanted a new one for this Thanksgiving, so a new tradition was born.

It's the same pattern as the last skirt I made. I was determined to make one that fit. I cut off about six inches total, and it's still a little big. But, it fits much better.

And what makes it more special is that it was made 100% from my stash. The corduroy. The zipper. The thread. And the buttons. Now that's a tradition I like.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?


nikko said...

Cute skirt! I don't think I could get away with wearing a white skirt on Thanksgiving, but it looks great on you! I love the buttons.

Karyn said...

Love the skirt!

Homemade root beer??? I know nothing about this. Maybe I need to.

I was thinking about you on black Friday wondering if you were braving the crowds. Good idea to online shop instead!

Aunt LoLo said...

The skirt is ADORABLE!

My favorite Thanksgiving traditions:
Birthday cake and pie for dessert! (I was born on Thanksgiving Day)

Pie for breakfast for as long as it lasts!

Amy said...

That is SUCH a cute skirt, Lera!!

I love it. Especially with the stripey tights. Go, you.

misschris said...

Love it, Lera. And the tights! So cute.

Sounds like a happy holiday. xoxo

another amy said...

Ditto on the skirt AND tights.

Kris said...

You look great! Very cute skirt! We don't do thanksgiving here in Australia, but we do have some christmas traditions. We always read the christmas story from Luke on christmas morning before we open our presents. (It's nice to be reminded exactly why there are gifts before we get too involved in the gifts!)

buttonbliss said...

We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia but my favourite Christmas tradition is my grandmothers Marshmallow tree- it is a slot together melamine? tree that she has had since my Mum was little with lots of branches and you put a marshmallow on every twig of the tree. I can remember it from every childhood Christmas. A couple of years ago the tree didn't come out on Christmas day and there were howls of disbelief from all us now-grown children. I raced home and found a bag of Marshmallows, the tree was resurrected and my 40 year old sister and I carefully decorated it- then we ate them ALL!!!

amandajean said...

the skirt is oh-so-fabulous!!! where did you find such fabulous tights??? I think I should adopt the make a skirt for thanksgiving tradition. :)

amandajean said...

oh, and hurray for using the stash for everything. that's fabulous.

Bonnie and Ash said...

Beautiful skirt!
My favourite holiday tradition (because we dont have thanksgiving here in New Zealand) is taking the girls to the special christmas shop and all picking one ornament each to go on the tree. I love to get the wee ones all dressed up for this and make a day out of it!

Love your blog

Autum said...

I'm another one loving the tights!

Regina said...

very cute skirt!!