Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle Dum

Jackson and Mason. The two children who are closest in age. People think they are twins. Jackson is smallish (for his age). Mason is normalish. They (to me) are obviously not twins. But sometimes they like to dress that way.

This past Friday in school was Favorite Holiday Shirt Day. I guess this is the school's way of celebrating December holidays, without celebrating December holidays. (Every year they have a Fall Harvest Week during the week of Halloween and the kids can dress up as cowboys one day. Some teachers even have a Dress-As-Your-Favorite-Storybook Character Day during the week of Halloween, since it can no longer be celebrated.)

So, when my boys came home Thursday after school and asked me to make them a shirt, I obliged. They each grabbed a shirt out of their drawers and came down. We discussed design ideas and they were pretty elaborate. One wanted a teddy bear, to which I replied, "I can't do a teddy bear (with such short notice), PLUS there is no 'teddy bear' holiday." They both got Christmas trees. Jack's has a present by the tree with a real three-dimensional ribbon sewn on it. Jack's also has some Christmas lights on his. He decorated that shirt a few years ago at an after-school club. He made thumbprints and they connected them with a line drawn in black. They were happy with their shirts.

(And please excuse the dirty shirts. I didn't take their photo until after they had worn them to school.)

Update: Woo-hoo! Joe just now found my cell phone. In his car. Under the seat. He was out of town all of last week and I'm not even sure when I was in his car last.


Anonymous said...

how did he find it?? did he clean his car over the weekend?? ha ha love the shirts, you are so creative!

Amy said...

How relieved are you!!
Off-topic here, but I have to ask, where do you find socks large enough for the "holiday legs" etc.?? All I'm finding at Walmart and the Dollar stores are just big enough for babies/toddlers.

Jessica said...

Don't you love how we aren't allowed to celebrate anything anymore? Bah Humbug!
Love the shirts! At least your boys look alike. I get asked all of the time if my boys are twins and they don't even look like they're related!! Glad you found your cell phone. I'd be lost without mine!

laeroport said...

Cute shirts and even cuter boys. :)
And I lost my cell phone for 6 weeks or more - they were in a pocket of a pair of shorts that I never wear. It was the end of the season and they fell behind the laundry basket. I had replaced the phone (and all the numbers in my phone book) by the time I found it.

Karyn said...

LOVE those shirts!!! You are brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I can understand being careful about celebrating Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa in schools. But I never heard of not celebrating Halloween!! Some parents obviously have too much time on their hands.

amandajean said...

how cute are your boys in their shirts??? my husband was getting a kick out of the "friendship gift" for the "holiday party" for our oldest son's class. good grief.

and HURRAY for your cell phone being found. what a relief.

TinkerBlue said...

Of course that's where your cell phone was! Love the matching shirts.