A friend of mine had given Spenser this little pair of Old Navy overalls a year or so ago. Now that she is potty trained, there is no way I would let her wear them (can you imagine the accidents?), not to mention I think they are size 24 months and would be too short.

I decided to turn the overalls into a jumper/smock. I cut right above the leg opening and hemmed it. It took minutes to finish.
Because of the length, it was definitely designed to be worn with something else (i.e., leggings).

And you know what? She likes it! She doesn't, however, like having her picture taken lately. After about two or three shots she holds up her hands and politely says, "No more, please" and walks away. I feel like paparazzi. (That's why I took the one photo while she was sleeping.)


nikko said…
What a great idea!
Karyn said…
And it's also cute that she requests "no more pictures please". At least she says "please"!
Anonymous said…
you are the WOMAN!! me
Katie Jean said…
Those came out great! Too bad I couldn't do that for Isaiah, he has a couple of pairs of those. You think he might look silly in a skirt?? ;)
Lora said…
LOL!! OH to see that little hand go up and say "No More, Please" TOO cute!
Anonymous said…
What a clever cookie you are. That is just too cute! And I'm still giggling over "no more pictures please"!
Sonja said…
Well done, you! Very cute new outfit!
Anonymous said…
We are so on the same wavelength - I spent last night ripping the hem out of a pair of Aidin's too short overalls and adding bias tape to the bottoms to make them long enough. :) Yea for getting a little more wear out of something.
Amanda Jean said…
that is adorable on her!

I am laughing because you feel like the paparazzi. :) I have a child like that. The other 2 ham it up for the camera.

I am so going to try this someday. I need to believe people when they say something is easy. Like skirt sewing. What took me so long? So I am going to be on the lookout now for some cute bibs.
Chara Michele said…
I laughed when I read "No more please" That is kinda cute:)

What a great idea!
FinnyKnits said…
That's it. You're an evil genius. That is totally cute and so inventive.

Love it.
Anonymous said…
still chuckling at the little princess.

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