Candy Cane (Hair) Clips

Remember the candy corn clips? Well, how about candy cane clips?

I have the same love-hate relationship with candy canes that I have with candy corn. I eat them because they are of the season, but I'm not sure if I really like them. I have to say though that my head has been swirling with red and white striped projects. I just don't have the time.

* * * *

I have a very sick little man in my midst. Sawyer awoke with a tight, croupy cough yesterday and was miserable all day long. I gave him two nebulizer treatments and lots of ibuprofen and Tylenol for his fever. But last night, he was up all night long. And so was I. As miserable as he was last night, I think he may have slept more than me. And Joe is out of town. Again. It's going to be a looooooong day.


LunaMoonbeam said…
Since your kids outnumber mine a bazillion to one, I'm sure you're much more qualified to give advice...but I thought I'd throw this out there.

My daughter (2) is still getting over a croupy sort of cough. (I think it went around the nursery, and it lasts for about two weeks!) The only thing I've found that REALLY helps is a cup of warm water with lemon juice and honey. It's sort of her sick-day treat. When she gets a cold, she gets as much of this "ling maht" (the Chinese name) as she can hold. Usually, it's about 4 large glasses before noon!

Someone also suggested rubbing Vicks on the soles of her FEET before bed, and then covering them with socks. (The same premise as rubbing your feet with garlic and then your breath smelling like garlic within 20 minutes - the Vicks is supposed to go straight to the lungs?) It didn't hurt, and those were two nights when she DIDN'T wake up coughing. The jury is still out on the usefulness of this remedy, least she thought it was funny that I was spreading medicine on her toes!
Brenda said…
Hope your little man feels better soon. Love that candy cane.
nikko said…
Hopefully you and Sawyer can get some rest today. I will be thinking happy, restful, cough-free thoughts for you!
Anonymous said…
Your little girl sure is a cutie! Great hair clip!

I hope your day goes well, Lera, and that the rest of your gang stays well. Sickness with little ones is NO FUN!
Anonymous said…
my dr. said that the nebulizers don't work for croup. actually, i think i've had 2 dr's say that. we got ours for when the boys have upper respiratory infections. my dr. prescribed a steroid for my daughter- she's still having a little trouble breathing.

i hate when my kids are sick! hope sawyer is better soon!
Karyn said…
Uh-oh. Let's hope he's feeling better soon!

And, cute clips! Spenser is such a cutie-pie.
Myrnie said…
Ugh- sending well-wishes your way!
lisa said…
My family has been doing the lemon and honey for years, except we make it thick like cough syrup with a little bit of water to thin it down. I’ve have also heard about using Vicks on the feet, but have no idea if that works. Hope he feels better soon!
Me and Him said…
Oh, what a start to the holiday season. I hope Sawyer is feeling better soon, and you can get some sleep.

The candy cane clips look adorable, or that should be Spenser looks adorable in her candy cane clips.
Emily said…
Oh man! Now my head is swimming with tons of red/white projects! Definately my favorite color combo!
Amanda Jean said…
love the hair clips!!! maybe now I need to make a candy cane quilt??? how fun would THAT be?

hope your little guy feels better soon. and I hope you get a good night sleep tonight.
hooli said…
Hang in there. Being on day and night duty when your kids are sick is so hard. I'll be wishing you good thoughts and health.
Kris said…
Hope Sawyer is feeling better now! Steam is great for croupy coughs (as well as steroids as mentioned above). I love the vicks trick too! Hope you can get some rest Lera. I think a tired Mum is the hardest part of sick kids.
Anonymous said…
If you like red and white, go here!

x hel x
Diane said…
Excellently cute hair clips!

I hope that your son is feeling better soon :)

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