Party Favors

Jackson's birthday is Saturday. It's going to be a big day for him. He will be turning eight and getting baptized and having his birthday party all on the same day. He's very excited.

Last year's party didn't go so well. I have higher hopes for this year's party. My plan is to make gingerbread houses from graham crackers for the children to decorate. I think that will keep them occupied for a bit. (We'll see how that goes.)

And for party favors? Well, I couldn't stand the thought of buying those plastic party favor bags, so we are doing the old December-standby party favor. Felt Christmas stockings filled with goodies. They are made entirely from my stash, hence the different color reds. I used a decorative stitch along the edge in white to fancy it up. In the spring I call it a flower stitch. In the winter I call it a snowflake stitch. Pretty versatile.

Now if we can just survive the party ... Next weekend we'll be having Taylor's birthday party.

(And, dang, I can't find my cell phone. I use it so rarely that I don't even know when I had it last. How is the school nurse going to reach me now? lol)


nikko said…
I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who rarely uses her cell phone and doesn't even know where it is. LOL.

Good luck with the party. Hopefully it will be better than last year.

How is Sawyer feeling?
Anonymous said…
baptism and party on the same day? (excuse me, i'll go hyperventilate now!)

good luck!
Anonymous said…
can't wait!! kids are sooooooo excited to see Cousin Jack be baptized!!! and matching TIES!
Amanda Jean said…
that's going to be one very full Saturday! I hope it all goes well and that everyone in your house is feeling better at that time. the stockings are a great party favor holder idea.

LOL about the school nurse and the cell phone. That is exactly what I think when I leave the house. :) no one else bothers to use my cell. (which includes me.)
Anonymous said…
Check out my blog I've left you an award!

x hel x
misschris said…
What a big weekend! I cannot imagine how excited he must be!

And the cell phone. yes, I know that feeling all too well. The only calls that I'm afraid to miss are from the school attendant....
Ruthie said…
Hope your party goes well and try calling your cell phone from your home phone and listen carefully for the ring. Ask me how I know to do that?
jessica said…
I can't believe your letting him have a birthday party again this year! you are a brave woman!
Have you tried calling your phone from the house phone? That happens to me once in a while and I just walk around the house dialing the number until I find it.
Me and Him said…
Oh I remember last years party, can't wait to hear about this year!

I hope the birthday, and baptism go well.
Emily said…
Oh, dont he look pleased with himself!

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