On Tuesday I went with my parents, three sisters, two brothers, one sister-in-law, five nephews, three nieces, Spenser and Sawyer to Lancaster for the day.

We hit Roots first, which is an auction/flea market/farmers market all in one. It's really a place you can get lost in. Quite easily. There wasn't a lot of time to go through each vendor carefully, so I used my best Lera-radar to scan the area.

Two of my most treasured finds of the day were the vintage cookbook and the cheater-cloth apron. The cookbook, Cooking by the Garden Calendar, has recipes separated by month. It truly brings home the "eating in the season thereof" theory of eating fruits, veggies, and grains in the season they are harvested. (Never mind my frozen strawberry use for the strawberry butter.)

The other adorable cookbook was actually a reproduction of a vintage cookbook that was given to me by my sister, Kate.

Our favorite part is this, "Have on a pretty apron, and is your hair looking mighty smooth?" ::giggle:: How cute is that?

And a few other treasures from Kate. Two small bowls with the wheat pattern that matches a sandwich-tea set we have and a Pyrex gravy boat (not goat, silly typing fingers) that matches quite a bit of my Pyrex collection.

There is another cool spot to hit in the Lancaster area on Fridays called The Green Dragon. It's just like Roots, which is only open on Tuesdays.

I am cleaning my oven (or my oven is cleaning itself) and Spenser just said, "Mmm. Something smells good." It smells terrible, like something is burning! Poor girl. She has the sniffles today and can't differentiate between good smells and bad smells. (She said it smells like hamburgers.)


spicyapplepie said…
What a great place to go! I love the cook books!
Mandy said…
I like the last little bit of the post, about cleaning the oven. Made me chuckle to myself!

Awesome cookbooks! Very cool...
Amanda Jean said…
poor little spencer. i loved reading that little bit, it made me laugh. and the vintage cookbook bit was funny, too. in the front of my mom's vintage betty crocker cook book it talks about the happy housewife dressing up and dabbing on a bit of perfume each a cookbook!
Samantha said…
I have FIVE (no idea why) of the Corelle platters in the green pattern. They were my mom's. No idea why she had five...

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