Ribbon Flower

When I was buying school clothes (back in August), I picked up a plain striped tee for Spenser. I knew it would need something special for it, so I never gave it to her. And then I forgot about it. Well, she found it on Sunday and I knew the time had come for me to do what I had originally planned.

A ribbon flower.
I cut several strips of ribbons (I did 9" each) and sewed them in a loop. Then I machine-sewed the loops together to form the flower. I added a pin back so it removable (for laundering or wearing on a different garment) and then attached a complementary fabric-covered button. Voila!
However, I think the next time I'll make the strips shorter. It's a little floppy when upright. (Wired ribbon might work nicely, too.)

*On Saturday morning Carter wanted desperately to give me a birthday present. He ran into his room and came out with a "wrapped" gift. When I opened it, I was puzzled. I pondered it for a moment, trying to figure out why he was giving me this thing as a gift. I guess he could see the look in my eyes and quickly said, "It's a stress ball." And that's when I laughed. Hard. I said, "Carter! It's not a stress ball. It's half of a clown's nose!" We laughed quite a bit over that one. It's surely one gift I hope I never forget.


spicyapplepie said…
this is lovely!
christine said…
okay so what's funnier...the fact that he thought a clown nose was a stress ball? or that he thought you needed a stress ball? is it childhood guilt already? ;)
I love it. That gift is priceless!
Brenda said…
Love the pin. Hope you had a Happy Birthday.
Amanda Jean said…
that is a cute flower for the shirt! what a good idea. and what a funny story. :)

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