Lace "Butterfly" Shirt

So I saw this cute tutorial the other day and I could totally see myself wearing something like that. So I bought a tee at Target and knew I had lace at home.
I totally wish I had checked my lace before assuming I had the "right" one. When I got home, I didn't have the same style lace (flat, double-sided), but I found a bunch of this ruffly lace and decided to use that.

When Spenser saw it, she said it looked like a butterfly. And she is in. love. (I need to buy her a tee.)

It's alright. I wish I would have just waited to buy some lace. (Or hunt in my stash for more. There's gotta be more lace somewhere amongst my stuff!)

But, as of right now, I'm wearing it with jeans (+ cardi). Or, in this case, a jean skirt.


Brenda said…
I really want to make one of these. I like her blog. Your top is cuter than her's. Just saying.

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