My Community Service Project

Every time I run, I notice trash. Everywhere. And I started to get sick seeing it all the time. Everywhere I go. Every time I run. Cigarette butts all over the place. Plastic bottles thrown out of car windows. I'm sure you know just what I'm talking about.

So I decided to do something about it. One of my "goals" during my campaign was beautification of the town. I talked to my fellow council members and mayor about a spring town clean-up and they liked the idea and wished me luck.

So, I made up fliers. And I walked to each business in town, introduced myself (if they didn't already know me), handed out fliers and asked them to display them. The business owners were very supportive.

And so all the planning began. I borrowed a five-gallon water cooler, I bought snacks and water bottles (with my own money), I contacted local schools, the newspaper even interviewed me (and I made the front page!).

My arch enemy approached me, thanked me for doing it and donated four dozen donuts for the volunteers.

We arrived early to set up (with a pretty tablecloth) and waited for volunteers ...

And no one showed up.

Besides the eight of us, three nephews, one niece, my sister and my father-in-law. (Only the eight of us actually live in this town. The rest of my family were imported from other towns/cities.)

We cleaned the town parking lot, Main Street, and some side streets (our street) for a few hours and then we headed home and ate donuts and snacks.

And, because I'm just that dumb, I'm planning to do it again next spring. Anyone want to volunteer in advance?


nikki said…
You are not dumb, just persistant! That really stinks that no one in the town showed up! We would've, but were busy that day with soccer and Diabetes walk. Good job!!
Anonymous said…
At least you care! I know how you feel. In the spring before the ditches fill with new grass and weeds, you can really see how much trash is thrown out. Sad that people have become so complacent. Don't give up....
Emily said…
Every big idea starts small...
FinnyKnits said…
Yeah, gotta keep it up. I bet this is one of those things that people will jump on when they hear about it again.

Maybe use the pictures of people cleaning up in your next recruiting drive :)

And I LOVE that your arch enemy neighbor man gave you donuts for the event. *THAT* alone is worth this kind of thing.
Diane said…
If only I lived 2,700 miles closer! You would have had an extra 4 bodies to help the beautification effort. Great idea. And the donuts were a HUGE victory!

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