Let's talk belts.

Lately I've been loving belts. However, I can never find the perfect one. Thrift stores are a bust (although I've found some belt buckles I can re-use). Target either doesn't have my size or I can't imagine paying $20 for a belt. I've seen a few in Marshalls, but the selection was small and the one I liked the most was damaged. So what's a crafter to do?

After another recent trip to the ribbon outlet, I decided I was going to make a rainbow belt. And then it turned into a rainBOW belt because, well, it has a bow.Ribbon belts are probably the most simple (and inexpensive) ones to make. It only requires a little bit of ribbon and a set of D-rings. Even though it's easy to figure it out, I thought I'd show you just how easy it is. So you can stop procrastinating.

First, gather your supplies. For this belt, I used 1/2"-, 1"-, and 1 1/2"-wide ribbon. Ribbon width is flexible. Use whatever you have or whatever you like. Just make sure the D-rings are the same size as the ribbon that is going around your waist. I'm using 1" D-rings.

Measure your waist and add about 8-10". Using your 1"-wide ribbon (or your ribbon size of choice), cut that length.
With D-rings together, sew them into a double-rolled loop to secure. On the opposite side of the ribbon, double-fold the raw edges and sew to create a "hem."

Cut your widest ribbon approximately 10" long. Again, this is flexible. If you want your bow larger, cut your ribbon longer.

Cut your thinnest ribbon 2 1/2 - 3" long.

Sew both ribbons into a loop (with right sides together if your ribbon has "sides").

With the seam of the wider ribbon centered in the back, slide the thinner ribbon loop onto the wider loop (with seams in the back).

Make sure the D-rings are hidden behind the bow and ...

hand-sew the bow to the belt.

I like to wear my belt with a white shirt that has "lettuce-edge" around the neck and sleeves. I also wore this with a red cardigan (and jeans) recently.

I have some rainbow ribbon left. If you'd like to make a RainBOW Belt, leave a comment and I'll pick one winner later in the week. The winner will receive enough ribbon to make a belt and a set of D-rings.

Oh, and stay tuned. I have a couple of more belts to show you later in the week. I'm saving the best for last.


nikko said…
Ah, it's so cute! Too bad belts look awful on fluffy girls like me. Or maybe I'm just not doing it right. Seriously, I haven't worn belts in years.

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