The World is a Rainbow

The world is a rainbow.

Ugh. Now I'm singing that song. I guess it's fitting because all the pretty flowers are blooming and the yard is quite colorful. Even if it's a rainy day ...

A few months back I saw somewhere in blogville a cute rainbow garland, like above. I thought it was adorable and I knew that my rainbow-loving daughter would love one in her room.

As you may recall, Spenser got a new big girl bed last year and we took Sawyer out of the crib and put him in her old toddler bed. Because I was dragging my feet (and not wanting to admit that Sawyer is growing and no longer a baby), I kept up the baby boy bunting that I made before he was born. I knew it was time to take it down, but it was hard.

Once I decided what would replace the boy bunting, I was ready. I found a pattern for little coasters and they were just the size I was looking for.

Spenser was thrilled. I hung them while she was at school and, after she saw it, she ran downstairs and hugged and kissed me. Then Jackson asked if he could put his cup on the wall ...


Diane said…
Great decor. Love the simplicity of the line and clothespins too. Perfect!

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