Weekend Getaway

Joe was going to be out of town this past weekend for an Army training conference he was planning. And since he was going to our favorite hotel (near my favorite thrift store and ribbon outlet), I told him we were coming. All of us. It was so nice to spend two nights away. The Army paid for one room and the hotel gave us an adjoining room for free. (See why it's our favorite?)

The kids went swimming after breakfast, after lunch and before bedtime.

And then they ran straight into our bathroom to the jetted tub. (The indoor pool is just steps away from our sliding glass door.)

And while we were in the area (after Joe's Army conference was over), we took the children on a tour of Antietam. I love the rich history in our area. And, while I certainly didn't love it when I was younger, I'm hoping the children will learn and appreciate where they live.

Part of the tour had us visit the Mumma Cemetery. Joe has ancestors buried here. These four headstones represent the Ecker family. (Joe's mother is an Ecker.)

And then we visited the tower.

And climbed up it. It wasn't bad until the last couple of flights of steps. Then my thighs started to burn. It was steep.

Joe took the four oldest boys to see Burnside Bridge. We were all walking down the steep, paved hill, when Sawyer fell head first. As I stopped to help him, Spenser fell ... I had to take her back to the car for some first aid. Poor thing cried for 20 minutes.


nikko said…
Free hotel room? Awesome!

I think it's great that you are showing your kids the history of the area. What a fun way to learn!
Amy Siegert said…
What a neat area to visit! Sorry Spenser took a nosedive! Youch!!

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