Most Days are Like This

Yesterday mid-morning I started having some back pain. I have had back pain intermittently for probably 15 years. Yesterday it hit full force.

I could barely get up off the sofa, pick up the baby, move, walk, etc. I could not bend over to save my life. Yet, as a mother, I had to keep going.

This morning it was a little better, with the help of Motrin. At least I can walk and move.

So as I'm running around this morning (actually limping around hunched over) trying to get the three older boys off to school, I put Sawyer on the sofa. He wasn't happy to be left there, but it was only going to be for a few minutes. He was crying when I put him down and when I went to check on him, he was lying on the floor between the sofa and the ottoman with Spenser standing above him saying, "come here." He didn't appear to be hurt, as he stopped crying shortly after I picked him up.

Then we're running out the door to take the baby to his one-month checkup and Mason to preschool. Things went okay.

First, Spenser spilled her cup of water in the waiting room. Then I knocked it over. And then she spilled it in the triage room. Then the doctor told me that the lab screwed up his PKU and it has to be repeated. Then, Spenser climbs under the chair and emerges minutes later with a wad of green, spearmint gum in her mouth!!! And it wasn't hers! I was so grossed out, yet I couldn't stop laughing!

At least no one forgot to take his lunch to school today! Or forgot his clarinet.

The doctor checked out the baby and didn't see any injuries from his 'fall' today. My little man is 10 lbs. 4 oz. (birth weight was 7 lbs. 7 oz.). He has been gagging a lot lately, which we are suspecting is reflux. I am to keep an eye on him and keep him upright (even while sleeping) to see if it improves. If it continues, he may have to take medication to control it.

Reflux in babies can be very scary. My youngest brother (who is now 20) had it when he was born and had to be hooked up to a SIDS monitor for a year because the reflux made him stop breathing and it lowered his heart rate. It can be very scary for moms, too! Every time he starts gagging, I jump and (while freaking out, of course) and try to roll him over to his stomach or sit him up. Nothing ever comes out, though.

One good thing that happened today was that I checked the mail and received a birthday present from my long-time friend, Kathie. (We have been friends for about 32 years!)

A book on making children's clothing patterns! I have been wanting to learn how to make patterns (children's and adult) and I can't wait to get started. Thank you, Kathie!


African Kelli said…
Holy hell Lera. I don't know how you have enough energy! And I am so glad Sawyer is okay. Phew.
Anonymous said…
I don't know - I think you deserve soe kind of lifelong achievement medal or something - how do you manage to do it all and take it in your stride. My stomach turns over 10 times a day with each pickle my two get themselves into so I cannot even begin to imagine how many somersaults yours must do daily. I just love (with fear) the image of Spenser and Sawyer!
Anonymous said…
Oh Lera. Eliot is at that phase where he picks up food off the floor. The other day in Toys R Us (which I HATE) it was an orange m&m. Ewwwww. I'm glad the little man is okay and hope that reflux clears up quickly. Maybe he will like being upright. Aidin wouldn't sleep on her back at all. She slept in the car seat or the bouncer until she was old enough to roll herself over.

And wow! You've got one taking clarinet already!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad your munchkin is ok. I spent a little time last night explaining to my hubby why ours shouldn't be left up on the couch by himself yet (even though he knows how to climb down safely, he forgets how high he is and likes to bounce around).

I'm headed to the chiropractor tomorrow for the same back problems. Not fun.

And my little nephew had reflux...had to sleep in his carseat for months; now he hates his careseat! Sigh.

Hugs for you, and the package was sent yesterday!
Anonymous said…
Mine both had reflux (J still does actually) and it was (is) very mild. They took Zantac and it helped quite a bit with no side affects at all.

And seriously, you must have the patience of a saint. I'd be crabbing and yelling at everybody through all of that!
laura capello said…
get thee some muscle relaxors. they are the magical elixors of the gods.

griffin had bad colic, but he didn't have that massive reflux-stuff so much. he slept in his swing ALL THE TIME and it really helped. perhaps that will help Sawyer as well. and if he spittles up it just goes down and out of his face too. (our swing was one of the portible ones that ran on batteries and never turned off unless you did it manual. that aspect was heaven. yes, it cost a few thousand to keep batteries in it, but still heaven).
Anonymous said…
What a trying day so far, Lera! You'll remember that little baby stuck on the floor for the rest of your life, and sweet little Spenser trying to help the only way she knew how. It's those crazy first days of having a baby and little ones still so young. I remember days when I would hold both of my first two - 13 months apart - and all three of us would be crying. Oh - those are hard days...they WILL get better.

My little one slept in his car seat for a couple of months.
beki said…
Holy cow Lera! All that and you still had time to blog about it, LOL. I hope your back feels better soon, that sounds miserable. I'm glad that Sawyer is okay. It reminds me of the time I walked into the room finding Lily holding Alex over her head (she was three, he was a few months old), and when she saw me she dropped him. Thankfully she was sitting on the bed at the time.
Anonymous said…
AH! That was a rough day! I'm so glad Sawyer is alright though. I think I"d lose my mind with all that...I'm crazy with one kid.
K had terrible reflux. We had to hold her upright 24 hours a day for months. oy. That was such a rough time...she had 2 medications several times a day and they didn't help much. She grew out of it at 8 months. What a relief that day was. I hope your little guy gets over it quickly and some peace falls on your home. ;-)

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