Perpetually Grumpy

That would describe me lately.

It seems everything is going wrong. Everything. My patience has not only worn thin, but I think there are actual holes in it.

I can't fit into anything. I have 3 A-line skirts that I made and one pair of capri-length athletic pants that I can wear. (Oh, and my pajama bottoms.) And, let me just say, that the weather has been cold and rainy. Not the kind of weather you want to be running around in wearing a skirt (and sandals). I am completely frustrated! Usually at 2-3 weeks postpartum, I can fit into my "fat" jeans. Not even close!

I won't bore you with the day-to-day things that are going wrong. But, just know, that everything seems to be going wrong.

One of the few things that are good:

Look at those little chubby cheeks! They are definitely kissable!! And munchable! And pinchable! And lickable!


Anonymous said…
Oh (((Lera)))<< I used it in converstation! Don't be so hard on yourself! At least today you'll be comfortable in you skirt!
If you need any help today or tomorrow let me know! I'll come over and entertain your little sweeties for you.
Anonymous said…
Oh, sweets. It will get better.

Six kids, sister. You have six kids. And one of them is only a few weeks old! Don't be too hard on yourself. I have a feeling you're doing much better than I would be. You'll get in your clothes soon, and life will start to get back to a routine. I can so clearly remember that feeling- and I only have two babes! Hang in there.
Anonymous said…
Ditto what Alicia said. :) I remember getting back into my regular clothes fairly quickly with #1, but with #2 - let's just say it was a good thing that I had 3 months maternity leave because it took me that long to get back into any of my work-appropriate clothes. Of course that could have had something to do with my Dairy Queen Georga Mud Fudge Blizzard addiction......

I'm sending your patience a patch!
laura capello said…
woman, you just had baby. you don't need to be out runnin' round town anyway.

go to sleep already! :-)
Anonymous said…
Haha, I second capello. You've just had your sixth child (who, btw, happens to have irresistable cheeks). Just take some time for yourself and relax. You'll be able to slip back into your clothes in no time. Hakuna Matata, mate. =)
Anonymous said…
When you are feeling all the frustration of your life. Let's face it, you have a LOT on your plate... just look at that little face!!!! You are doing fine. YOU GREW A PERSON!!!!! it took you nine months to do that, well, a little extra, but you get my drift!!! Give your self a break. I can say this, because it isn't me. We have all been post partum wanting our bodies back. I will never forget my "Dolly Parton moment".... my husband loved it. I swear it lasted 10 minutes. that was it, back to deflation, been there ever since!!!! You are a confident, strong woman of MANY beautiful children. You have a husband who loves you and friends that care about you!!! I cant' do anything about the weather. I promise not to gloat that I got sunburned playing tennis this morning!! hang in there Momma.... tomorrow is another day!!!
beki said…
Girl, you are doing fantastic! Look at baby Sawyer, he's proof that you're doing a wonderful job. Go easy on yourself. You'll fit back into your clothes eventually. Heck, I gave birth almost 6 months ago and I'm still not back in my regular clothes. I finally gave up and went shopping for new clothes.
Anonymous said…
Don't forget the wonderful smell of baby head/hair! If only they could bottle it...I sure miss that with my munchkin, his heas just smells like shampoo now. Hang in there!

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