I Spoke Too Soon!

First, look at my littlest man! And, no, he's not flipping you off. It's his ring finger! Geesh! Get your mind out of the gutter!

He's making a funny little mouth because the photographer stuck her glove-clad finger in his mouth (to which he latched on) and then she pulled it out. The result was a tight-lipped mouth. Cute, but not natural.

* * * * * * * *

Remember on Friday when I said I've never felt better? Well, I spoke too soon. For the past two days I have been fighting a raging case of mastitis. I awoke yesterday morning to the obvious pain in my breast, full body aches, chills, headache, etc. And, of course, it was Joe's first day back to work. Last night my temperature reached 102.8. I was miserable all night. I could barely get out of bed to change the baby's diaper.

This morning was no better. My temperature reached 103.9 ! I was freaking out! My mother picked up some antibiotics at the pharmacy and brought them over and Joe came home from work early. I started to feel much better when my temperature dropped to 102.2 and then 99.4 (with the help of Tylenol and Motrin, taken an hour apart). I'm still incredibly clammy and hot, but I think my fever is gone ... for now.

And last week I was worried about Spenser poking the baby's eyes. Well, her first unintentional eye-gauging victim was moi. I'm happy it was me and not the baby, but man, oh, man it hurt! I think she actually scratched my eye. She poked me Sunday morning and it was killing me through last night. (I think I was too sick today to feel anything else.)

So, if you don't hear from me for a few days, just know that I am recuperating from various ailments.


laura capello said…
Oh Lera, I'm sorry.

What you need is sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. And I hope you feel better very soon.
Anonymous said…
I am reading your entry and my face is just saying ooooh, oooh, oooh - poor you - you are not having a good time - mastitis and a scratched eyeball - or feel better soon.

But what a gorgeous little man
Anonymous said…
Lera, I have to say Sawyer is almost the cutest baby ever. I hope he is being good while you are feeling bad. I am also glad you have some helpers around to help you. Very important for Mommies that don't feel good. I am sending get well thoughts to you! Feel better soon!!!!
Heather said…
Be very careful with that mastitis. A friend of mine had mastitis that ended up being MRSA. Her doctor kept telling her to give the anitibiotics more time to work, and she ended up in the hospital. I hope you get well soon.
Anonymous said…
Oh, mastitis! I remember it too well. I had a bad case with A. and it made me understand why people completely give up on nursing. But I prevailed, as I am sure you will. Was it hot packs that helped? I guess I don't remember as well as I claim to! Get better! You're in my thoughts!
Anonymous said…
Oh man. That is rough! I hope you make a speedy recovery and the eye-attacker is held at bay. ;-)
Is your eye ok now?
African Kelli said…
AY! So what do they do about mastitis? Can you still breast feed? I'm so sorry it isn't smooth sailing. Hopefully this will just be a short hiccup and you'll all be back healthy soon.
Karyn said…
You poor thing, at least you have that gorgous little boy to make you smile!
Randi said…
The pictures of your new babe are adorable! Congratulations and i hope you are feeling better soon!
beki said…
Oh no Lera! I hope you feel better soon. This is surely the last thing you need right now.

Baby Sawyer is absolutely precious.
Anonymous said…
Way to go latching on like that, little boy! What was the photographer thinking??

Lera - you need rest and drugs and some more rest. Your body goes through enough in childbirth and for all this to happen - ugh - you've been through A LOT! I hope you're feeling well soon. The weekend is almost here!
Anonymous said…
Oh Noooo!!! That totally stinks for you. I hope you are feeling better soon. But so glad he is here and such a cutie!!!

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