Nap Time / Bed Time

At every nap- and bed time, we put Spenser in her bed with a few pillows and a few of her favorite dolls. Shortly after we leave, she piles her bed with every book, stuffed animal, blanket, and doll she can find (in the dark).

Usually when we go to bed (about 1 1/2 hours after Spenser), we find her like this ... with her animals and pillows and dolls taking up most of the bed, and Spenser barely able to sleep and still awake.

The little plastic bucket on her bed is filled with the books I took out of her bed at nap time. And I'm sure if she knew there were books under her bed, they would have been in her bed!

This picture was taken at night (the flash lit up the room quite well).


beki said…
That's funny!
laura capello said…
Griffin has to line up all his stuffed animals down his right leg, in order. the blanket can tough them, but can't cover thier faces.

OCD is fun.
Anonymous said…
Eliot has been piling in the books lately. But at least he's staying in his bed and going to sleep on his own, so I don't mind. Except for last night when there was a thunderstorm and then he slept with me all night. "TUNDER MOMMY! I'm bery bery scared!" Awwww....
Anonymous said…
Well, you really couldn't expect those animals to get any sleep on the floor, could you?

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