Love in the Mail

On Saturday a package from Angela arrived. On the left is a "taggie," as she called it. It is a small blanket with different textured ribbons attached to all four sides. Not only is it very colorful (or shall I say "Colorfool" ?), it is very soft. I'm sure the baby will love this! Spenser already does!

Angela also included a matching burp cloth, which are coming increasingly handy and scarce these days. I can't seem to have enough!

Both are made from a very adorable vintage sheet. Very cute.

And, she also sent some vintage sheets to me. Unfortunately, I packed up my sewing machine 2 days before the baby was born. Now I'm itching to get it back out!! These new fabrics are killing me. Must. Sew.

Thank you, Angela!


Little man is 3 weeks old today. His cheeks are getting fuller each day. All of the pictures I've taken lately are blurry. I guess I'll be forced to take some more!

I have to go back to Gettysburg this morning. I left a pair of my pajama bottoms in the hotel last week! Luckily we're only 25-30 minutes from Gettysburg.

And Joe got a 97% on his research paper (which he submitted last night) and a 94% in the on-line class he is taking. He already has his Masters in counseling, but is now working towards a second Masters so he can get his license to practice. The goal is that he will be finished with schooling before he retires from the Army (in 5 years) and can start another career. Yay, Joe!


beki said…
What cute stuff from Angela! She sent Ava a taggie, which she loves.

Way to go Jo! That's great!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Joe! That is too cool.
My hubby is very jealous that you live so close to Gettysburg...he's a bit of a Gettysburg fanatic and has never been able to visit there (loves the movies, books, anything Civil War kind of thing). Someday we'll come out to visit!
Cool baby goodies. Package coming soon!
Anonymous said…
Kudos, Joe! And isn't Angela the greatest? Happy 3 weeks, little man.
laura capello said…
Yay Joe!

Angela sure did send you some lovelies!

Three weeks. Time has got to stop.
Anonymous said…
I'm wondering why your hotel didn't volunteer to mail it to you! Just one more trip to make, huh?

That is wonderful for Joe. I'm sure it takes some family time away, but I'm glad he's doing so well.
African Kelli said…
Love that taggie idea. Such a good one!
Karyn said…
That blanket is adorable!
Anonymous said…
Glad you like it Lera (and babes)! ;-)
Congrats to Joe too! That's great.

3 WEEKS!!! Wow!

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