And ...



Woo-hoo, Carter!
Saturday's soccer recap:
  • Jackson scored two of his team's three goals, winning the game 3-2.
  • Carter scored his team's only goal. They lost.
  • Taylor's team lost. Again.

Photos taken with my new birthday zoom lens from Joe.


Karyn said…
GREAT photos Lera! Good job with the new lens!

It looks like it was a very soccer-y weekend.
nikko said…
Yay for Saturday soccer games. K's game was at 4 p.m. and everyone was exhausted. Oh well.

I'd love to see more with your new lens!
Diane said…
Great pic of him jumping with his arms up in the air. Congrats to them for their hard work at play!
Amanda Jean said…
you have some good little soccer players!

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