Where Did the Weekend Go?

We had another busy weekend. Why do weekends go by so quickly? It seems like it was just Friday and here it is Monday already. It went quickly, except for Saturday which seemed like the longest day ever. I awoke at 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning and could. not. fall. back. to. sleep. Yes. I'm talking like, I was awake-awake. Wide awake. By 8:30 Saturday night I was running out of steam for the longest day ever.

It was a good day, though. The boys had soccer. Jackson and Mason's team won, thanks to Jack's two goals. Carter's team won and he scored one goal, if not more. (He always claims more than I see. He says he kicks it in after a pass and I never seem to see it.) Taylor's team played another team from their school. It was two teams of friends. It was a good, close game, but the other team won.

And Spenser had a birthday party to go to. My two nieces celebrated their birthdays by hiring a nail technician (Edwina) to paint all the girls' nails. (My niece and her friend had their nails painted like candy corn. At my suggestion. I left before my niece's were finished, but my SIL said she'd email me a photo.)

Spenser picked out purple and hot pink. And Edwina did her magic with rhinestones and paint.

Spenser loved every minute of it. On the way home, however, she picked off all the rhinestones. Someone please remind me of this day if I ever find rhinestones in the back of Joe's car. :-)

* * *

Today would have been Kristen's 29th birthday. It's hard to imagine her any older than 22. We are "celebrating" by having a picnic at the park today. Alana and Timmy (her children) are up visiting from Kentucky and most of my siblings either took off work or work within walking distance of a local park.

* * *

And here's a shout-out to Jasmine: Hi Jasmine! Here's a link to the soccer story you were hunting.


Karyn said…
Look at those pretty nails! She's such a cutie (even if she peeled off the rhinestones!).

I think it's great that your family is getting together today for a picnic. I hope you enjoy your time with your niece and newphew.
Anonymous said…
why do you always make me cry! have a great time today with your family. i just love your family and will always have a special little prayer for you on days like this!! :) ME
Katie Jean said…
that looks like a fun birthday party! She's so cute with the nails all done up (well she's cute anyway).

I'll be thinking of you today. I love how you keep her memory alive and celebrate her. Have fun!
nikko said…
What cute pictures of Spenser getting her nails done.

How wonderful that you are getting together as a family today. What a blessing it is that you all live so close together!
Anonymous said…
Your girl's nails are just fabulous! And so is that smile of hers!

I am whispering a prayer for you and your family. I do hope that your picnic is a blessing to all of you.
Lora said…
aw the fun with little girls!! Cute little fingers!!
Amanda Jean said…
weekends do go too fast, don't they? Spenser is so cute getting her nails done.
Diane said…
What a great idea to have a nail tech on hand to doll up the girls' fingers! Gonna have to remember that one...

You and your family are in my thoughts. In just reading your words, I can feel how much you miss her.
I can imagine how much fun Spenser had having her nails done. I am sure DD will want hers done some day too.

Hope you enjoy your time with Kirsten's children. I think it is a good idea to celebrate her and to keep her memory alive.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely party idea.

It's so good that you can commemerate kristen's life. Her children will need to hear as many stories as possible about her. It will help them so much later on.
Emily said…
This is COOL!

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