After my morning run, I noticed all the pink around me.

My new Under Armour shirt (a belated birthday gift from my sister) is pink. With my pink-striped running bra underneath. Oops.

A bit of pink on my running shoes.

And all the pinky ballerina goodness of one complete Halloween costume. Complete with pink-striped leg warmers.

It's going to be a crazy week getting the rest of the Halloween costumes finished. I'm thinking I'll have a few late sewing nights ahead of me.


Karyn said…
Pink is a good thing!

Good luck with those Halloween costumes!
misschris said…
:) you know I'm loving that pink lot.
Sonja said…
I'm still working on letting go of the guilt over the horror of the - gasp! - bought Halloween costume for Noah.
Amanda Jean said…
I LOVE PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit that I am a bit jealous that you have a pink ipod. and I love the pink on your shoes, too.

hurray for pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lynn said…
Last minute halloween costumes - is what I may this week - I think - my younger kids (who are not that young) are back and forth about going trick-or-treating. When they were little I had many late nights working on costumes. Also I'm working on a candy corn thing to post. Your trips to the nurses office count - is amusing - we only had a school nurse one day a week - and my kids never knew there was one at all!
Anonymous said…
yea pink!
and yeah. ditto on the late night sewing. so far I only have eliot's shirt assembled. not hemmed. tim's shirt cut. that's it. good luck to us BOTH! :)
FinnyKnits said…
And is the running going? Are your knees happy?
There is no such thing as too much pink :)

Good luck with the Halloween sewing.
Liz said…
Good luck getting them all done!
Diane said…
Love all the pink, but I was stopped at the "morning run" part. What?! How DO you do all this in a day? Hoorah for making health a priority too.

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