Happy Halloween!

It's 2:00 p.m., and I just finished the gorilla. Mason hasn't tried the whole thing on, but I can tell it's going to be roomy and long enough to wear for several more Halloweens.

I think mostly everyone is ready for trick or treating tonight. Taylor still hasn't come up with a costume idea. He has vetoed all the ones I've suggested (karate boy, soldier, mummy, etc.). He's on his own now. The rest of the costumes are laid out on my bed with all the accessories.

I love Halloween. I love sitting on my front porch handing out candy. I love trying to figure out who the children are who address me by name. I love trying to figure out what the kids are dressed up as. I love watching the kids squeal in delight when they get a trick and a treat. I love to see the smiles when the children notice their costumes glowing in our blacklight. I love the cool brisk night air. I love the way our quiet neighborhood comes alive. There's so much excitement in the air. I love it all.

Each Halloween we get over 100 visitors. Every boy and girl in town. And every boy and girl just outside of town. And a few teenagers thrown in there. Some dressed up. Some not.

And we might have lucked out with our weather tonight. It's a beautiful, clear day and I hope it continues until 8:30 p.m.

* * *
Amandajean and I are happy to announce the winners of the Candy Corn Contest. I have to say that it was very difficult to pick just two. There were so many wonderful projects submitted. We had several mediums. Yarn. Fabric. Real candy corn. Photography. Just to name a few. The projects were fabulous.

So, without further delay, the winners are Ella Bella Baby and her Candy Corn Dress and Quayandco's Candy Corn Pincushion. We also thought these Amigurumi Candy Corns (by Snippygal) deserved honorable mention. Amandajean has already sent messages to the winners.

Thank you for playing along, friends.

Enjoy your Halloween weekend. I hope it filled tricks and plenty of treats.


misschris said…
Happy Halloween, Lera! I like what happens in my neighborhood, too.

Here's to a wonderful night. xoxo
melissa said…
Happy Halloween! And I love your treat bags too. What an amazing mom you are!
Katie Jean said…
Happy Halloween! I can't wait to see all the costumes your kids are wearing! This weather is sweeeet. It's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow!
Amanda Jean said…
enjoy your halloween night! I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the entire gorilla costume and all the kids dressed up in their garb.

p.s. we JUST bought our halloween candy. nothing like saving your shopping for the last minute!
Karyn said…
I hope you had a great Halloween! How did the gorilla costume work out?

And...wow!!! Those candy corn projects are incredible! Congratulations to the winners!
Diane said…
Congrats on finishing that costume! You realize that we'll need pix.

Well done on picking those winners. They were the best among many clever entries.
Anonymous said…
Well done for getting the gorilla done on time.

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