Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The beginning of Spring Break

Taylor & Carter received their new karate belts last night. Carter is a yellow belt and Taylor is a red belt.

She looks like a majorette! I'm laughing at her outfit! She needs some summer/spring shoes. She has two pairs of church shoes, but she can't take a walk in those!

This is her "homeless" outfit from the other day. Hey! I had to just use what I had available!

Spring Break is here for the boys... Yes. Five children for six straight days with a pregnant mama on bedrest! This should be interesting.

Yesterday was quite busy for me. Brinda called bright and early to offer her services to help me in the morning, but my mother was already planning to help. While waiting for my mother, Christy called and then Kim stopped by. Then my mother came, and Sandy called. My mother gave the children lunch, put Spenser to bed (who actually fell asleep in the highchair, poor babe), prepared dinner for us, mopped my kitchen floor again, took out the trash and recycling, walked the boys to Amy's to play, and took Spenser for a walk. Am I missing something??

Amy invited Jack and Mason over to play and she kept them for four hours! She even invited them to come back next Tuesday. I told her we should wait to check on the weather so that she wouldn't have to be stuck with them indoors.

It's been so beautiful outside. Well, at least that's what I've been told ... I did walk out on the deck yesterday for a few minutes.

Today my mother is coming back with Alejandro, Sheyla, and Camryn. The girls will probably entertain Spenser and Jandro will entertain my boys. It's another nice day, so I'm sure they'll head out to the trampoline.

I awoke to some red bleeding today. Not the scary bright red, but the deep red with clots. I'm also crampy. I really was getting optimistic the past few days because it was going back to brown. I have an appointment with Johns Hopkins for my next sonogram and consult on Thursday 4/20. I'm hoping I will get some answers at that time. (I return to my OB on Friday 4/21).

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