Sunday, April 02, 2006

King Kong! King Kong!

Last night Joe and the boys watched King Kong. It was a long 3 hours, but they did it! When it was over, Carter came up to my room. He walked over to the other side of the bed and said, "Mom, we just watched King Kong. He died ..." then he started to sob and added, "I didn't like that."

Then I had him come over to my side of my bed and climb in so I could snuggle with him. He sobbed. Joe came in and we tried to comfort him together. I explained it was only a movie and that King Kong did not exist and he was only a robot in the movie. That didn't help.

Then I pulled out all the stops and told him the family story of King Kong. Sorry, Craig.

Many years ago (too many to mention) we watched the old King Kong as children (I was about 7 and Craig was about 4 maybe). When it was over, Craig threw a temper tantrum and my mother pointed to Craig and said "King Kong! King Kong!" Well Craig misunderstood that Mom was calling him King Kong and thought King Kong was standing behind him in the dining room. He screamed and ran to my mother. We laughed so hard. We still laugh today. And Carter laughed so hard last night, that he forgot how sad he was.

I'm doing a little better today with my bedrest. Christy is coming over shortly to start her smocking lessons. I can't wait!

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