Monday, April 10, 2006

Week three

Week three of bedrest begins today. It hasn't been all bad. Sometimes I think I'm overdoing it.

On Saturday morning my long-time friend, Kathie, came to visit. Actually, she came to help. Joe had to work, which is usual for the Army, and I wasn't sure if I could handle all 5 kids all day long.

Although Kathie doesn't have any children yet, luckily she is a teacher and has experience with crowd control. I loved watching her make four different sandwiches and cutting them just right for each boy ... even making the sound effects that Mason "requires" when cutting the sandwiches. I still laugh at that!

She brought some of the most delicious chili I have ever tasted! Kathie, you can make chili for me anytime! Even Joe agreed!

Today presents it's own challenges. I'm having a lot of morning sickness already today. I'm fighting a fever blister on the middle of my bottom lip. (I only get about one every year or two. It's no wonder I would get one with all this stress.) Joe has to work until midnight (gotta love the Army). Jack has his Easter party and egg hunt at preschool (Joe's mother is going for me). Taylor and Carter have pioneer club after school today (Christy is going to bring them home). Spenser is only wearing a diaper because I forgot to bring down some clothes for her. As tempted as I am to go back upstairs, I feel like I have already done too much this morning, so I must try to stay still for at least a little longer. I think I have a sweater and tights for Spenser downstairs and she may just have to look a homeless girl today.

Amy has offered to take Jack and Mason tomorrow afternoon while Spenser naps. I am looking forward to a little break.

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