Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Carter & Jack

So Jack comes downstairs to tell me that Carter said the word "a$$." I call Carter down, who upon hearing my voice starts to cry. Carter tries to explain to me that he was telling Jack what words he should not say (of course while saying them himself). I persuaded Carter not to use those words and not to teach them to his younger brothers, all the while Carter is crying.

Jack then continues, saying, "he said some other bad words, but he was just teaching me not to say them." I, again, told them not to say or use those words anymore and sent them back to play.

A few minutes later, Jack is yelling down the back set of stairs that Carter said "one more" but that he was again just teaching him not to use them.

I'm not sure what words Carter was teaching him. I think I was afraid to even ask, for fear he would repeat them to me. We don't use that language in our house, and I shudder to think what first-graders are really learning at school.

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