Sunday, April 30, 2006

Saturday sewing

I started sewing a little on Friday. My first time in over a month. It was so nice. On Friday I started two pairs of capris for Spenser using the front two fabrics. They are too large for her. She was sleeping when I cut the pattern and fabric, so I couldn't measure her. I figured, since she wears 18-month clothing, I should make size 2, thinking size 1 would be too small. WRONG! When I actually sewed the pants on Saturday (while she was sleeping again) and saw the finished product, I realized that they are huge. She wore one pair, with legs rolled up, but noticed that she was 'taking' them off often -- or maybe they were falling off of her ...

So on Saturday, I started "the dress." I loved how it turned out ... Here she is in her dress. (I plan on making some matching "panties" or "bloomers" -- as Christy would call them.) Jack is peeking into the picture. Look at my very fingerprinty window. (I wish I had noticed that before I took the picture!)

The back. I used a vintage button here.

Spenser and her daddy. I love that girl!

The maternity skirt I made just 2 days before my bedrest began. It is fitting better and better as I fill it out.


capello said...

Her dress is adorable (and I love that she's wearing a pearl bracelet). And your fabric for your skirt is adorable! And did you make that fabric ruffle on the bottom too?

No wonder your doctor put you on bedrest.

babybug said...

the dress came out great! wasn't it so easy?! i didn't like the ruffled sleeves and trim on the original pattern. you too, huh? i need to make matching panties for babybug too.
great skirt. i love the material!

nikki said...

Spenser's dress is cute and I really like your skirt. Now stop doing so much!