Thursday, April 20, 2006

Today's Sonogram

So today was my Hopkins appointment. It was exhausting.

The sonogram lasted about 1 1/2 hours. This was a followup to my complete placenta previa and subchorionic hematoma from three weeks ago, plus they did a level 2/level 3 sonogram to check for obvious birth defects (because I am "old").

The hematoma is still there, but there is no active bleeding. According to my last sonogram (3/27/06) the hematoma was 5 cm long (width unknown). Today it was 7 cm long, but very thin. Because they didn't do the original sonogram, they really couldn't compare it. They told me to expect to continue to spot.

The placenta is still completely covering my cervix and hasn't budged. I am still in danger of hemorhaging because of it. I am to go to the emergency room if I have any bright red bleeding or watery discharge (not sure what that is, but I'm thinking like amniotic fluid ?).

The baby is looking great. All measurements are showing that the baby is 18 weeks. So, lucky for me, they are not pushing back my due date to the original one. There are no visible indications that there are any birth defects. The nuchal fold is within normal range and all of the baby's organs look good.

If you are wondering about the "nuchal fold," it is something that I have never heard of before. There is a new prenatal test (NT Testing) where they measure fluid on the back of the baby's neck to determine if there is a larger risk of Down's Syndrome. This test is only performed between 11 and 13 weeks. I was supposed go to Hopkins for this test the week I was put on bedrest, so I cancelled. (Well, I also had to cancel because I wasn't the 11 weeks we thought I was, I was 15 weeks and had missed the timeframe.) This nuchal fold is the same area on the back of the neck, but apparently it's no longer fluid ... I think. Well, the nuchal fold is within normal range.

Anyway, here is a picture of our baby's face:

And a picture of the baby's profile (I think it looks like Jack and Spenser almost):

Oh, and did I mention?

It's a boy! This is a picture from the baby's bottom. The little straight line in the middle is right next to his, uh, penis. The legs are the longer things to each side. He was very proud of himself and kept his legs wide open for nearly the entire time. He had his legs above his head for quite a bit, giving us a good look.

So now, I have to find 2 more boys' names. A first name and a middle name. This is going to be sooooo hard!

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