Friday, April 21, 2006

Is it Friday Already?

It doesn't seem possible!

This morning I went to my OB. I saw Dr. C. today and she seems to think I can resume most normal activities, except running and jumping ... wasn't planning on doing that anytime soon. She said I can drive, go places, etc. She said (very casually), "If you start spotting, start doing less." Kind of makes me nervous that I would push myself to that point, to then back off ... I would think it would be smarter to not push myself so much.

Joe is still concerned. He is afraid that I'm going to go wild and do lots of crazy stuff. He doesn't want me doing too much. I told him that at least I can drive to get milk and bread. I can drive the boys to school if they miss their bus, which they almost did on Tuesday! I may not be doing the marathon shopping I usually do (while Jack is in preschool) buying cases of juice boxes, and cases of everything thing else from the wholesale club that is part of my life as the mother of five (plus one). I still don't want to lift anything too heavy, but at least I can pick up Spenser now ... at least once in a while.

Joe's opinion sides more with Hopkins' opinion from yesterday. I was told to "let the housework slide." I kept thinking, "Lady, if you knew how much it has been sliding these past four weeks, you wouldn't say that!" I really just want to vacuum. The floors are driving me crazy. Really. Carter vacuumed on Monday, but it needs it again. I can try to live with the dust. I'm not willing to negotiate on the floors. The bathrooms are another story ... oh my. (I have used disposable cleaning cloths on them, I just think they are needing a "real" cleaning ... one that includes bleach!)

So, I never even posted about all the goodness that has come my way since Tuesday.

Dolle brought KFC to us Tuesday night. Jessica picked up Jack from preschool on Wednesday and brought dinner (a pizza casserole that the children loved). She stayed to fix lunch and put Spenser down for a nap. Thursday Joe's mother stayed with the kids (Jack, Mason & Spenser) while we went to Hopkins. We were supposed to have dinner brought to us that night (from Lauren), but I told her that we really don't need it. We have tons of leftovers and, even if we didn't, my kids could eat cereal or pancakes ... plus Joe was home. Today, Gini picked up Jack from preschool, fixed lunch for the three, and put Spenser down for her nap. Everyone has been so kind. I really feel blessed for having so many kind friends.


Nikki said...

hey did ya check out the names?
I'll be the BEST friend and offer to vacuum for ya! ;)
Seriously, let me know what I can do for you!

lera said...

Hey Nikki, how was that field trip? Taylor LOVED it.

I saw the names and have been pondering them.

I dry swiffered my bathroom floor and cleaned the inside of the downstairs toilet. I couldn't stand it. I'm sore and exhausted now. I need to rest :-)