Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Nice Little Morning

No cars on my bumper today! (Oh, and did I mention that it was "accidental" that they parked so close? Notice the top of my hood is higher than the bottom of their rear window! Whatever!)

Anyway, Kim called this morning because she was heading into town and wanted to see if I needed anything. Christy called, too. She just returned from her trip to the beach.

Lauren came in time to make lunch for the boys and put Spenser in her crib. Poor Spenser fell asleep in her highchair again. She was so grumpy this morning ... I was just hoping that she would stay awake long enough for lunch.

Amy called and offered to take Jack and Mason, so Lauren walked them to Amy's on her way home (she walked to my house today). I urged Amy to bring my boys back sooner today than last time. I just felt so bad that she kept them for four hours. It was nice, but she didn't have to keep them so long. I know it must have been hard for her. Her little girls are only 2 years old and 3 months old.

Last night for Family Home Evening we dyed the Easter eggs. We regularly hold FHE with lessons, etc., so we didn't feel guilty about only having an activity last night (although we did read some scriptures and have prayers, too). Plus, we actually had two FHE's last week. The regular Monday night one and Saturday night I got out our Gospel Art Picture Kit and read all the summaries from the Last Supper through Christ's ascension. I wanted them to have a refresher course before church on Sunday.

I will post pictures of the egg-dying-fest after I download them (I'm on the laptop now, enjoying some peaceful "bedrest" moments with a sleeping baby and no boys. Ahh ... this is nice!).

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