Monday, April 24, 2006

A Scare for Joe

Last night I went into the bathroom. When I was washing my hands, there was a spider near the towels. I tried to kill it, but it kind of "jumped" towards me. I screamed. Joe ran in. I think he was thinking I started to bleed again or something. He was relieved it was only a spider. I'm happy to know he can move so quickly.

Today was my first day back to my "normal" routine. Joe dropped Jack off at preschool so I wouldn't have to be in town for almost 3 hours. It was the first time I have driven in over four weeks. My Expedition seemed so large and tall. I had forgotten how monstrous that thing is.

Jack had an appointment with a dermatologist after school. It was an appointment I had scheduled months ago, so I hated for him to miss it. I had taken him about six months ago for a white spot on his cheek. I was afraid he was developing vitiligo, a skin condition that all of my sisters have. The doctor does not think it is vitiligo, but pityriasis alba, a temporary lightening of the skin in children, which he should outgrow before adolescence. It's not visible now, mostly in the summer when he is tan. He gave him a prescription lotion to use for the summer, but only if sunblock doesn't help.

After his appointment, we ran to get gas and to BJ's. I must really be craving tomatoes because I bought a 2-pound container of grape tomatoes, 2 large jars of spaghetti sauce, 3 8-packs of canned tomatoes (stewed, diced, and flavored diced). I remember craving tomatoes when I was pregnant with Carter. I swore he would look Italian after all that marinara sauce I made and consumed that year!

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Amir said...

good story.I like your soon action when you go to the dermatologist due the appearence of white spot. there is clear difference in vitiligo and pityriasis alba. An easy tip to distinguish vitilig. sea the blogpot about Michael Jackson disease or search the sites for the pictures of vitiligo people and match white spot with the like or Anti-Vitiligo.
If this is pityriasis alba then dont worry if it is vitiligo then take care about the food and avoid to be exposed to the sun