Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sunny Days

Yesterday, during lunch, Spenser had a diaper explosion. Out the top. The sides. Everywhere imaginatively possible. So, she needed a quick bath. It was the first bath I have given her in a month. I have still been making Joe give her baths at night. But this one could not wait. It hurt my stomach to put her in and take her out of the deep, old clawfoot tub. After putting her in, I let her play to let my stomach recuperate. Anyway, I had to wash her outfit and decided to change her crib sheets, too. When I came downstairs, she was on the deck with the boys having a blast. Riding in her car. Playing soccer. Running free in her diaper.

Then she wanted her dishes.

I did not give her the idea for a tea party. This was all her. Girls must be born with something different than boys, other than the physical features.

During Spenser's nap. Jack and Mason started to fight. They wanted to play with play-doh (man, how I hate this stuff!). I suggested they play outside. They played very nicely for two hours.

Then I noticed the mess! See why I despise play-doh? It was smushed onto the deck! I told them (yesterday) that I would buy some more today. Didn't happen!

I am almost convinced that the person who invented play-doh was either a man or hated moms.


kookaluka said...

i love play doh b/c it entertains for so long but i tell them they must keep in on the table. they do pretty good then i sweep up afterwards b/c some always manages to make it to the floor. they have to help clean it up too.

Angela said...

Yes is very messy, but hey if they played for TWO hours!!!! Wow. I can't imagine.
Your children are beautiful!

capello said...

We can't use playdoh (it's made with wheat), so Griffin's occupational therapist gave us this slimy putty stuff that ruins carpet and clothing (and I'm saying that from experience).

So, it could be worst.

That's me, always trying to be the positive thinker.

At least playdoh is vacumable. And you have to be totally lazy and let it dry out first! :)