Monday, April 17, 2006

Beginning of Week Four

We had a nice Easter "vacation." Joe surprised me by not going to work on Thursday or Friday. He never seems to tell me anything in advance ... he claims the Army did not approve it until Wednesday evening before he left.

Joe spent Thursday going grocery shopping. We were getting desperate! On Friday and Saturday he spent most of the day putting up vinyl siding on one side of our house. Since we cut down our giant tree, the side of our house was looking more visibly bad. We had done some construction on that side of the house (enclosed the second level porch and the small first level porch, and removed an outside entrance to enlarge our first floor bathroom) and he stuck up the asbestos siding that he removed from the front to cover our new renovations. Not the prettiest stuff. Actually, under the asbestos (on most of our house) is nice, old German wooden siding and we exposed that on the front and one side ... for now. The vinyl siding looks similar to the original wooden siding, and is a big improvement from the asbestos siding and plywood that had been there for nearly five years. We plan to remove the rest of the asbestos around the house and exposing the wooden siding, but that's probably years from happening.

We never dyed Easter eggs. I think we have nearly four dozen eggs. I shouldn't be lifting and did not want to attempt to carry them from the sink to the stove and vice versa. So in the fridge they stay. Not cooked. Not dyed. Will my children ever heal from this?

Today was a great case of miscommunication. I had asked my mother-in-law to help me while the children had spring break. I thought she had plans Tuesday and Wednesday, taking Aunt Lettie for eye surgery. Apparently, the surgery was today. So, I have been home alone with my children. I have been up more than I have been on "bedrest." It is sad to have my 9-year-old put my 17-month-old down for a nap. It is sad that my 7-year-old volunteered to vacuum my family room floor, which was in desperate need of cleaning! It is sad that I turned away other offers of help today because I thought I had some.

Now it's time for some good news. Lauren is coming to help me tomorrow. She is coming at 11:00 a.m. I heard that Dolle is bringing dinner, too. Amy had volunteered to take the boys again tomorrow, but if that falls through, Lauren said she will take the boys back to her house.

Jessica is picking up Jack from preschool on Wednesday, is going to help with the children that afternoon (like put Spenser down for a nap and fix lunches), and she absolutely insists that's she is bringing dinner, too.

More good news is that I go on Thusday for my next sonogram and my Hopkins consult. I am hoping that I will receive good news on my conditions. Friday is my next OB appointment and I am really getting hopeful that my bedrest may come to an end and I can resume "light" activity.

And even more good news: Joe is totally caught up on the laundry and dishes. He had a load of laundry in before I even got out of bed and the dishes emptied from the dishwasher and reloaded with breakfast stuff before he left for work. Dang! A woman could get used to this!

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